12-3-07 CT Supreme Court Hearing on Ethics- Raw Footage 2 – 844-292-1318 Connecticut legal aid

12-3-07 CT Supreme Court Hearing on Ethics- Raw Footage 2

12-3-07 CT Supreme Court Hearing on Ethics- Raw Footage 2


Connecticut Judicial Branch Public Service and Trust Committee Members:
* Honorable Alexandra DiPentima, Chair
* Sandra Sosnoff Baird, Family Support Magistrate
* Honorable Robert E. Beach Jr., Appellate Court Judge
* Honorable John D. Boland, Superior Court Judge
* Joseph F. Camilleri, Information Technology Division
* William H. Carbone, Court Support Services Division
* Honorable Patrick L. Carroll, III, Superior Court Judge
* Honorable Thomas J. Corradino, Superior Court Judge
* Attorney Joseph D. D’Alesio, Superior Court Operations Division
* Honorable Nina F. Elgo, Superior Court Judge
* Attorney Melissa A. Farley, Division of External Affairs
* Honorable Roland D. Fasano, Superior Court Judge
* Honorable James T. Graham, Superior Court Judge
* Ms. Lisa Holden, Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence
* Attorney Norman K. Janes, Statewide Legal Services of CT, Inc.
* Honorable Clarance J. Jones, Superior Court Judge
* Attorney Kevin T. Kane, Chief State’s Attorney
* Justice Joette Katz, Supreme Court Justice
* Ms. Caren Kittredge, Public Member
* Honorable Sandra Vilardi Leheny, Superior Court Judge
* Honorable Douglas C. Mintz, Superior Court Judge
* Attorney Joseph Mirrione, Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association
* Attorney William H. Prout Jr., Connecticut Bar Association
* Honorable Barbara M. Quinn, Deputy Chief Court Administrator
* Honorable Kevin A. Randolph, Superior Court Judge
* Honorable Antonio C. Robaina, Superior Court Judge
* Attorney Kenneth B. Rubin, Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
* Honorable William B. Rush, Superior Court Judge
* Attorney Michael T. Ryan, Connecticut Defense Lawyers Association
* Attorney Mary Sommer Sandak, Attorney at Law
* Honorable Dan Shaban, Superior Court Judge
* Honorable Joseph Shortall, Superior Court Judge
* Thomas A. Siconolfi, Administrative Services Division
* Carolyn Signorelli, Chief Child Protection Attorney
* Attorney Toni M. Smith-Rosario, Connecticut Hispanic Bar Association
* Attorney Robert Stillman, Representative of the Connecticut Business and Industry Council
* Attorney Susan O. Storey, Chief Public Defender
* Honorable Hillary B. Strackbein, Superior Court Judge
* Attorney Frederic S. Ury, Attorney at Law
* Attorney Dawne G. Westbrook, NAACP
* Alex Wood, Journal Inquirer
* Attorney Jennifer Zito, Criminal Defense Association

This video explains what you can expect when going to court and how you can prepare.

It will review what to wear, preparing documents, child care, who to bring with you, getting to court and going through security, mediation, and how to behave during the hearing.

Original video created by the Connecticut Network for Legal Aid.
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Call to Colorado Supreme Court – 844-292-1318 Colorado legal aid

Call to Colorado Supreme Court about corrupt DHS & Kroger. How they are stopping me from legal aid. They refer me back to local law enforcement who is waiting to extradite me when they had the opportunity to do it in Albuquerque. They hadn’t planted the evidence yet and wasn’t prepared. Plus the statue of limitations had not run out on the original EEOC case. They found a way to force me back here. This tells me they have been informed also and the entire justice system is corrupt. Rights are being taken away.
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Florida Supreme Court Testimony Miami Legal Aid Atty on DCF – 844-292-1318 Florida legal aid

Florida Supreme Court Testimony Miami Legal Aid Atty on DCF

Miami Dade Legal Attorney testifies before FLSCT Task force on lack of due process when children are taken.
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This is a 30 second commercial done by Emmy Award winning Gary Yordon of GBY Productions in Tallahasee for the Legal Aid Society of the Orange County Bar Association (Orlando, Florida)
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Unequal Justice: Housing Court in Massachusetts – 844-292-1318 Massachusetts legal aid

Lack of funding forces civil legal aid programs in Massachusetts to turn away 64% of eligible residents who seek their services for civil legal issues related to housing, employment, health care, education, family law and domestic violence, among others. Tens of thousands of low-income people must navigate the civil court system without legal representation, which can have catastrophic effects on child welfare, health, employment, and family safety and stability.
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An overview of the delivery of civil legal aid in Massachusetts, produced for the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation’s Annual Meeting
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