THE DEAL – Philips Cinema Parallel Lines – 844-292-1318 legal aid Decatur Alabama

We made it TOP 5!!!! Thank you all guys!!!

“Tell it your way” – Philips Cinema Parallel Lines competition

Special thanks: – Petr Čížek

Produced by
FOK, Tadeas Trojanek

Director – FOK

Production – Tadeáš Trojánek, Lenka Šindelářová

Director of Photography – Tomas Jelinek
Camera assistant – Aleš Němec Lněnička
Camera rental – Panavision – Václav Hejduk
Lights – Ivo Viktora

Assistant director — Jakub Vrbík
Runner — Tomáš Žůrek

Grip / car-mount – Petr Koutný aka PK

Costume designer – Anna Forst

Make up artist – Milan Vlček

Music – Surmajovci, Johana Švarcová, Rido

Color grading – Ralph Reinle

Editor – FOK

Sound mix – Martin Tauber
Sound assistant — David Velemínský
Sound effects – Lukáš Moudrý – Studio Beep

Flash Barrandov – Boris Tatarov

Animals – Fauna film – Ota Bareš
Psi — Flek a Plaváček, kráva Jitka

Jaroslava Včalová – Casting Barrandov


Gypsy gang

Boss – Jan Surmaj
Bodyguards – Jan Sivák, Milan Gunnár
Indian knife thrower — Břetislav Farský
Young killer – Alex Sivák

JZD gang

Chairman – Mečislav Klepek
Bodyguards – Pavol Grečo, Josef Humpolec
Pitchfork guy – Pavel Herot
Dog man — Josef Šlehofer

Milkmaid – Helenka Šinclová
Young milkmaid — Zuzana Škapová

JZD Bykoš — pan Holý
Hynek Trojanek

AJP Production – 2010
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This House Would Bring Back Grammar Schools | The Cambridge Union – 844-292-1318 legal aid Decatur Alabama

With the Government’s program of education reform well underway, the Union questions the continued existence of grammar schools in the United Kingdom, and whether they should not just be tolerated, but be allowed to expand once more.

This debate was sponsored by TeachFirst.


Robert McCartney is the Chairman of the National Grammar Schools Association, an organisation which seeks to promote selective education.

Andrew Shilling leads the Sevenoaks Grammar School Campaign, now at a critical stage in its efforts to win government approval for the project.

Shaun Fenton is the current head of Reigate Grammar, and is the only person in the UK to have been headteacher of a Comprehensive, a Grammar School, an Academy, and an Independent school.


Melissa Benn is a writer, novelist, and campaigner. In 2011 she published ‘School Wars: the Battle for Britain’s Education’, which studied the comprehensive education system.

Michael Pyke is a spokesperson for the Campaign for State Education. CASE has been advocating since the 1960s for comprehensive education.

Ndidi Okezie is Executive Director of Regions within TeachFirst, responsible for understanding the specific nature and extent of educational disadvantage in areas TeachFirst operates.
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Frozen Toby Barbie AllToyCollector McDonald’s Toy Playset Disney Anna kids NEW Crush Toby Date 4 – 844-292-1318 legal aid Decatur Alabama

Frozen Anna Barbie Parody Frozen Toby Date PART 4 Barbie Parody Disney Princess Anna’s son Frozen Toby goes on another date with Barbie’s sister Chelsea. They use the Barbie Kelly Power Wheels Jeep to go to Barbie McDonald’s playset.

Play -Doh Disney Princess Frozen Toby Date Feed LPS Cat Disney Mulan Barbie Toy Playset

Frozen Toby CRUSH Disney Anna Date 5 AllToyCollector Barbie School DisneyCarToys Kelly Jessie

Frozen Toby Crush PART 3:

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AllToyCollector McDonald’s Barbie Drive-Thru TALKING Playset Disney Frozen ELSA Princess Toy Review

McDonalds Happy Meal Barbie Playset & Vintage McDonalds Food Toys Magic Color Change Play-Doh Egg

McDonalds SHAKE MAKER Happy Meal Magic Ice Cream Shakes Toy Food For Kids McFlurry DIY Recipe Fun

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Music From YouTube’s Audio Library
Song: Daisy Dukes
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BNIDER 2014 | Al Khati’a Short Film – فــيلم مغربــي قصير مــن شبـــاب طنـــجــة الخـطيئة – 844-292-1318 legal aid Decatur Alabama

BNIDER 2014 | Al Khati'a Short Film - فــيلم مغربــي قصير مــن شبـــاب طنـــجــة  الخـطيئة

الفيلم القصير المغربي ” الخطيئة ” من إعداد شباب طنجة ( بن يدر )
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GTA ONLINE TOGETHER #103: MEGA-JUMPS mit Höchstgeschwindigkeit [LET’S PLAY GTA V] – 844-292-1318 legal aid Decatur Alabama









Entwickler: Rockstar Games
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Plattform: Xbox 360
Release: 17. September 2013 (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3) (GTA: Online 01. Oktober 2013)



Dir gefällt dieses Spiel? Dann unterstütze den Publisher sowie den Entwickler und kaufe es dir im Original:


►►► Dies war eine Let’s Play-Ausgabe von und mit Tobinator, vielen Dank für’s Zuschauen und bis zum nächsten Mal!
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Sacrifice de mouton, dépeçage et préparation des têtes et des pieds de moutons au premier jour de l’Aid à Tanger.
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The ‘Class War’ Speech by Prof. Noam Chomsky Subs – 844-292-1318 legal aid Decatur Alabama

Even though this was recorded over a decade ago, there is nothing in it that is dated. If anything, it accurately predicts the present!

This speech was recorded live at MIT back in 1996. These aren’t sound bites, they are documented truths expressed in honest language. By the way, Chomsky isn’t in any way calling for ‘class war’ here, he is just describing the reality what has been going on for several decades now.

There is truth here that you never hear anywhere else. Even wild-eyed radicals seldom deliver hard, unpleasant facts this well. Let’s face it, human rights have always been subordinate to business rights in the USA. But things have gotten outrageously worse in modern times. The U.S. is advocating a corporate tyranny far surpassing any level of totalitarianism found in the rest of the developed world. And it really started with outright criminal behavior under the “great” Ronald Reagan. I know- I saw it happen..

Perhaps the most frightening thing about this speech is its talk of “anti-politics”. Briefly, this is the organized campaign to blame everything on the government- even when big business is really in control. They want the people to hate and fear the government, because democratic government has a dangerous flaw- it actually has the slight chance of becoming truly democratic. You see, corporations are perfect- perfect tyrannies.

The average worker, the average citizen, is never going to be able to change or control them. The government is the only thing the average citizen has the potential to control. Therefore the average citizen must be taught to hate, fear, or simply dismiss organized political action. What you get is “anti-politics” where people are totally atomized, fearful and hateful of nearly everything- and totally blind to the real problems.

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Do All Republicans Disgust Ben Mankiewicz? – 844-292-1318 legal aid Decatur Alabama

–Ben Mankiewicz from Turner Classic Movies and The Young Turks is with us to discuss his role at the top of the film festival circuit, potential Republican Vice-Presidential picks, Obama campaign strategy, and more.

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Originally broadcast on March 20, 2012
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