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A man in Kansas helped a lesbian couple have a baby by donating his sperm, but now the state is ordering him to pay child support.

A man in Kansas helped a lesbian couple have a baby by donating his sperm, but now the state is ordering him to pay child support.

Artificial insemination can get expensive, so the couple took to Craigslist asking for help, as they were planning to do the insemination themselves.

William Marotta dropped off a couple cups of his contribution to the effort, signed some papers waiving his parental rights, and went on with his life.

In the meantime, the couple split and one of the women became ill. She was unable to work so applied for state aid.

5 years after his donation, Marotta was notified that he was responsible for tens of thousands of dollars in support.

The state based their case on the fact that a doctor wasn’t involved in the insemination process, rendering it an invalid arrangement under the law.

Marotta’s lawyer believes that the whole situation seems more motivated by politics than legal concerns, as same-sex marriage isn’t permitted in Kansas.

He plans to appeal the decision and feels the issue in general should be reviewed by the Kansas Legislature, as the insemination laws are incomplete.
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Sperm donor fail: Kansas wants child support from man after lesbians – TomoNews – 844-292-1318 Kansas legal aid

TOPEKA, KANSAS —Should a sperm donor be forced to pay “child support”? That’s the pointy end of the law facing a Kansas man who in 2009, helped a lesbian couple who wanted to be parents.

William Marotta responded to the couple’s Craigslist ad, charged nothing and even delivered the specimen to their home. All three parties signed a paper agreeing to their terms and specifying that Marotta had given up all parental rights.

The state of Kansas, however, has spent years hounding Marotta for child support, going so far as ordering a paternity test. Why are they doing this? Sperm donation is legal in Kansas, but the couple inseminated at home — which is not — so the state says Marotta’s the real baby daddy, and he’s gotta pay up.

The couple, Angela Bauer and Jennifer Schreiner, broke up after eight years together but agreed to continue co-parenting the little girl as well as other children they are reportedly responsible for.

The sperm donor’s legal saga only began after the little girl’s mom got sick and applied for benefits. The state required the biological father’s name, and then began pursuing him.

None of the individuals involved in the case are asking anyone for anything. The former couple is not seeking financial aid, the sperm donor is not seeking parental rights.

The state of Kansas seems to be wasting money and resources because a couple “self inseminated at home”. William Marotta says he didn’t know they were going to “DIY” his donation, but in any case, why should he be held responsible?
Marotta says he’s fighting this out of principle, and will take his appeals as far as they can go. A GoFundMe page has been set up to pay Marotta’s mounting legal bills.


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