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Linda L. Timberlake, Esquire

Linda Timberlake has represented over 7600 low-income clients during her tenure as the Elder Law Attorney in the Lancaster office of MidPenn Legal Services. Linda exhibits her legendary patience when dealing with clients under duress, as well as in dealing with with elderly clients with cognitive challenges, including the onset of advanced stages of dementia. She excels at getting to the essence of her clients’ legal problems and negotiating practical, effective solutions to those problems. For her unparalleled work in this area, as highlighted in this Tribute Video, she was recognized with the 2014 Excellence Award.
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Executive Committee of the Coalition for Affordable Utility Service and Energy Efficiency in Pennsylvania

Carl W. Bailey, Linda A. Bergman, Carol Collington, Minta Livengood and Dorothy Young

Recipient of the 2015 PLAN Excellence Award
March 24, 2015

Carl W. Bailey, Linda Bergman, Carol Collington, Minta J. Livengood & Dorothy L. Young comprise the Executive Committee of the Coalition for Affordable Utility Service and Energy Efficiency in Pennsylvania (CAUSE-PA), an association of low-income volunteers who support and advocate for consumers of limited economic means to connect to and maintain affordable utility service. As a result of their leadership, CAUSE-PA has made significant advances protecting the rights of low-income utility consumers through their work with the Pennsylvania Utility Law Project. Mr. Bailey, Ms. Bergman, Ms. Collington, Ms., Livengood & Mrs. Young make the voice of low-income consumers heard not only in the courtroom, but also in the decision marking forums of legal services programs, utility providers and state government.

Carl Bailey, a retired businessman and veteran of the Korean War, is a strong advocate for senior citizens representing their interests on various state and local committees. A longtime volunteer for AARP, Mr. Bailey was appointed to the PA Long-Term Care Commission by former Governor Corbett. He also serves as a Board Member of the SeniorLAW Center in Philadelphia.

Linda Bergman is active in Pennsylvania’s legal aid community, serving as Board Secretary of Southwestern Pennsylvania Legal Aid Society, and is active in the Central Clients Council of Pennsylvania and the Southwestern Pennsylvania Legal Services Clients’ Consortium. Ms. Bergman advises the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Secretary on policies, procedures and other activities related to the various programs administered by DHS through her participation on the Income Maintenance Advisory Committee and other consumer advocacy committees.

Carol Collington has been active member of CAUSE-PA since its formation in 2011 and has devoted significant time and energy to its mission.

Minta Livengood has contributed many years of distinguished service to helping clients. Ms. Livengood serves on the Board of Directors of Laurel Legal Services, having once served as Board President. A member of Pennsylvania Welfare Rights in Indiana County, Ms. Livengood also serves of various Pennsylvania DHS Committees, advising the administration as a member of the Consumer Subcommittee of the Medical Assistance Advisory Committee amongst others.

Dorothy Young is an effective public benefits advocate and is dedicated to the concerns of the client community. She is a member of Pennsylvania Welfare Rights and currently serves on the Board of Neighborhood Legal Services Association, where she is active in Central Clients Council. Mrs. Young also advises the DHS Secretary on key public benefit programs, as a member of many DHS advisory committees.
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