Legal Aid Foundation – Public Service Announcement – Santa Monica CityTV – PSA – 844-292-1318 Ohio legal aid

Legal Aid Foundation - Public Service Announcement - Santa Monica CityTV - PSA

This is our Emmy nominated PSA that was produced for the Legal Aid Foundation through CityTV’s Digital PSA program. The program is a partnership with Women in Film and pairs a volunteer creative team of producer, director and writer with a local charity to create a high quality PSA. The Emmy Awards will be announced on August 6, 2011. Congratulations to the Legal Aid Foundation team, Director Sarah Elgart, Producer Sonya Blake, Writer Alison Marek and Associate Producer Karolyn Szot for a job well done!
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2009 Access to Justice Video/Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles – 844-292-1318 Iowa legal aid

2009 Access to Justice Video/Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles

Each year, the Legal Aid Foundation Los Angeles produces a video for its Access to Justice Fundraiser, highlighting clients who have been helped by its attorneys. This video shows a domestic violence client and how the Foundation’s immigration and family attorneys helped her to escape and start a new life for her and the children.

Legal Aid Foundation Access to Justice Video 2015 – 844-292-1318 Vermont legal aid

LAFLA ensures access to justice for thousands of people every year. Here are two of their stories.

Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles is the frontline law firm for poor and low-income residents of Los Angeles.

To give to Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, please visit:

California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation – Overview – 844-292-1318 North Dakota legal aid

California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation – Overview

Neighborhood Legal Services Association video to promote Equal Access to Justice. Case studies demonstrate the need as clients tell their stories. Judges and Attorneys talk about the importance of Equal Access to those who cannot afford to hire an lawyer and urge those practicing the law to do Pro Bono work for the benefit of their clients, themselves and the community at large.
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Never Again Foundation and Arizona Summit Law School – clinic experience opportunities – 844-292-1318 Arizona legal aid

Never Again Foundation and Arizona Summit Law School - clinic experience opportunities

ASLS students provide feedback about their experiences at the Never Again Foundation Legal Aid representing victims of domestic violence.
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Phoenix DUI Laws and Penalties

A Phoenix DUI attorney, why would you need a lawyer? The phrase driving a car under the influence or DUI is used by all states to describe an individual that is certainly working an automobile although intoxicated or at the extremely least impaired. Due to the fact of the seriousness of driving drunk, Arizona regulations continue to enforce more powerful drunk driving penalties on a yearly. Nevertheless, minors discovered intoxicated might be booked with DUI even although their blood alcohol subject material is not as much as the law says. Quite a few instances these numerous driving under the influence regulations can show to become complicated and difficult. Although the decision to acquire legitimate guidance is totally a personal one particular, you can find numerous helpful motives to refer to a Phoenix DUI lawyer. Once you might have been charged with DUI, a legal professional adept in DUI regulation can aid you in clearly understanding what you are struggling with and what the possible penalties might be therefore directing you down probably the most advantageous path. Working immediately with an law firm that clearly realize the driving under the influence legal guidelines can suggest the big difference inside loss of the license or not. Having a Maricopa County DUI lawyer run interference and handle the court case is advantageous. Moreover, a DUI attorney in Arizona will be able to take care of the varied phone calls, needed paper work and scheduling as very well as representing you within the unavoidable hearings. Court appearances by a Phoenix DUI lawyer which is seasoned in the courtroom and has mastered the particulars of Dui legislation will make an excellent variance in the final result of one’s situation. As attorneys perform with the assorted companies and departments of your law, they start to discover what varieties of arguments work with the various judges involved. Another instance that would require legal aid is if you simply will not comprehend the costs, the process, your rights or possible consequences. These conditions are overwhelming on the layperson nonetheless; to a legal professional they’re an everyday occurrence. Other periods that getting an attorney in your side is with your finest interest are in case your blood alcohol level was recorded as greater than double the appropriate limit, if this isn’t your 1st drunk driving arrest or if your DUI brought about an accident.
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Iowa Legal Aid Foundation – 844-292-1318 Iowa legal aid

Iowa Legal Aid Foundation

People with nowhere else to turn – women, senior citizens, veterans, children and other low-income residents – get help from Iowa Legal Aid.
Sadly, annually more than 12,000 families were turned away or under served because we lack the resources to secure ‘Justice for All’.
The Iowa Legal Aid Foundation is dedicated to raising the funds necessary to increase and sustain the services of Iowa Legal Aid. We hope that you share our belief that hope, dignity and justice are due to all Iowans regardless of income.
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