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Tom Cryer, an lawyer from Shreveport, Louisiana, tells his story about how he was prosecuted for refusing to file income tax.

In June, 1994, Tom met a man who claimed that the Internal Revenue Code did not make him liable to pay income tax. This was a life-changing event for this lawyer, who then began to research into the law in order to prove this man wrong. What he discovered was that there is no income tax liability relative to American citizens. This presented Tom with a dilemma: does he put his head down and pretend not to know the truth, or to honor his oath to support and defend the rule of law and the Constitution? He chose the latter path, and ceased filing income tax.

As Tom says, it is apparent that the US government is stealing trillions of dollars from honest, hard-working Americans. It was using this stolen money to expand its reach far beyond its intended role. It is stealing, and using the sweat and labor of Americans to destroy their country.

Tom stopped filing and paying income tax UNLESS and UNTIL the government could show him it had any right to demand he do either. He was charged with two counts of tax evasion, which charges were later dropped to two counts of failure to file. He was tried on July 9, 2007 in Federal District Court in Shreveport. During that trial, he said he learned first hand how far tyranny has advanced within the US government — even into the courtrooms. The judge, in an attempt to aid the prosecutor in attempting to convict Tom, violated the laws of evidence and due process by not allowing Tom to present any physical evidence or material facts. The judge further tried to hamper his testimony in an effort to prevent the jury from understanding that Tom did not have any income tax liability, and that the law does not say with the IRS tells them it says. Seeing the truth in his words, because they were not permitted to see any evidence, the jury returned a unanimous verdict of not guilty on both counts after only a few hours of deliberation.

Amazing testimony.

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