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Weston, Connecticut native Susan F. Filan, Esq., is a former CT state prosecutor, MSNBC-TV Senior Legal Analyst and an experienced trial lawyer.
She currently runs a legal practice at Colonial Green in Westport, Connecticut, representing clients in criminal matters and family cases as well as mediating matters for clients. Filan comes at her profession from a paradoxically spiritual, yet pragmatic and iron fisted view point, putting into her daily practice what she takes from her own heart and experience. Versatile and more humane than her remarkable credentials would suggest, Filan has much to offer clients who face real challenge in their lives.

Filan began her career in 1991 at a New Haven legal aid clinic, representing indigent criminal defendants. In 1994, she joined a private firm and practiced criminal defense, divorce law, and family matters at both the trial and appellate level in both state and federal courts. In 1998, she was appointed Deputy Assistant State’s Attorney in the Office of the Chief State’s Attorney in the Gang and Continuing Crime Unit for the state of Connecticut and later became an Assistant State’s Attorney in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Dynamic change is something Attorney Filan knows about. In May 2005, she resigned her prominent position as a Connecticut state prosecutor to pursue a career in media after being hired by NBC News and MSNBC to provide exclusive legal analysis at the Michael Jackson trial in Santa Maria, Calif.

She soon became NBC News’ go-to legal analyst, often appearing on “The Today Show,” and other cable news programs. In 2006, she was promoted to MSNBC Senior Legal Analyst. She has shared her insights on dozens of high profile cases — from JonBenet Ramsey and Anna Nicole Smith, to O.J. Simpson and Kobe Bryant, to Bernie Madoff, David Letterman and Tiger Woods.
She has appeared on every major network, including NBC’s “Today Show,” CBS’s “The Early Show,” ABC’s “Good Morning America,” “Dateline” and “Nightly News with Brian Williams,” MSNBC’s “The Dan Abrams Report,” CNN’s “Larry King Live,” Fox News LIVE, Court TV (now truTV), BBC TV and Radio, and National Public Radio. She has been quoted in printed media around the world.

Attorney Filan grew up in Weston, Connecticut, in a family of lawyers. Her father is retired state Appellate Court Judge Frederick A. Freedman, her uncle is retired U.S. District Court Judge Alan Nevas. Her great uncle, Leo Nevas, was something of a local legend in Westport, practicing law until he passed away in August 2009 at the age of 97. She is proud that her conference room was his original office over fifty years ago.

She has two daughters, adopted from China.

SLUMLORD slumlord goes to court 1309 2nd ave south nashville tn 37210 – 844-292-1318 Tennessee legal aid

SLUMLORD  slumlord  goes  to court 1309 2nd ave south nashville tn 37210

SLUMLORD About 1,370 results
Slumlord goes running from Court in Baltimore City.
by Jason Rodriguez
2 years ago189 views
James Bruce Pavesich is a slumlord, liar and a scumbag. He lied to a City Housing Inspector that we wouldn’t let him into the …

0:30 b 1309 2nd ave south nashville tn 37210
Alleged slumlord goes to court
by | 9 On Your Side
3 years ago117 views
His tenants call him a “slumlord,” now Clermont County has taken Lanny Holbrook and Heritage Management to court over back …

Landlord & Tenant: What to do in Court (Tips and Information)
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Going to court? Here are some tips and information on understanding your landlord and tenant dispute. For additional information …

YouTube partner fights back on Revere MA Slumlord court video censorship with 3rd video!
by Christopher King
2 years ago963 views… OK so here’s the latest bullshit from …

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Yesterdays Vlog – TWITTER – SNAPCHAT – RomanAtwood …

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If you see the trash dumpter you know why we have roaches,bedbugs and rats and poor management… Reporting live from …

Brooklyn Tenants Face Jewish Landlord Joel Israel In Court
by JewsOnTelevision
1 year ago2,096 views
Some Brooklyn residents faced their landlord in court Wednesday, charging that he trashed their homes in an effort to drive them …

Landlord fronts court over boarding slums
by ABC News (Australia)
3 years ago117 views
A man alleged to have run five slum boarding houses in north Canberra has appeared in court charged with breaking the ACT’s …

Landlord Tenant Law
by Buck Stoval
3 years ago20,688 views
I am not yet able to reply to your questions. However a Public Law Center in your community, or this one may be able to.

Why Legal Aid helps the SLUM LORD
by MushLuv’d ByJah
1 year ago22 views
Went to court but the Lawyer was a asshole – flat out. Most condescending cracker of all time. So if you don’t have a lawyer – get …

Landlord Harassment NYC Slumlord
by A.A. NYC
1 month ago127 views
April 30, 2015 Slumlord shuts off power Landlord is angry that I have a housing court case against her for several violations.

NJ Court Clips: Landlord/Tenant Court
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New Jersey’s Landlord Tenant Court resolves disputes between landlords and tenants. Court Clips gives an overview of the …

Arizona judge wrongful eviction of single mother and 2 kids
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Chandler,Arizona judge wrongful eviction of single mother and 2 kids. Maricopa County Chandler Justice Court Judge Keith …

Morton House Apartments – Slumlords & Law-Breakers
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An infestation of bedbugs, roaches, mold, & building violations at the Morton House Apartments in Grand Rapids, MI was …

Alleged Brooklyn Slumlords Joel Israel, Amram Israel Arrested
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Alleged Brooklyn slumlord brothers Joel and Amram Israel were arrested Thursday, accused of trying to drive out tenants by …

Jewish Landlord Brothers Accused of Sabotaging Brooklyn Apartments Arrested
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A pair of Brooklyn landlords who renters have said intentionally sabotaged their rent-stabilized apartment to drive them out were …

Settle Small Claim Court!
by Julia Waldorf
2 years ago190 views explains how small claims court panned out for her. The landlord did not get the better of her.
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