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HireLyrics Administrative Services Standard Claims Intake Assessment Litigation Dept of Justice U.S. Senate Fraud Report Whistleblower Referral RICO and Title 18 Indictable Official Corruption Fraud Civil Rights VERIFIED INCIDENT REPORT AUTHORIZED POSTED TO U.S. CITIZENS (CONTROLLED) PUBLIC DOCKET DATABASE BY LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT, ROXANNE GRINAGE. Alaska’s Judicial Corruption Emergency OCS Kidnap For Profit Schemes Measured In Sarah Palin Appointed Judge Gregory P. Heath. Sarah Palin Friend Michael Ponte Domestic Violence Injures Alaska Native Silook Judge Gregory Heath Censors Police Interview. Silook Family Marked Exhibit 1 Audio and Video 26 MINUTES 08/13/10 POLICE FORENSICS INTERVIEW OF THREE YEARS OLD OCS KIDNAP FOR PROFIT INJURED KELASIA SILOOK. ALASKA’S JUDICIAL CORRUPTION OCS KIDNAP FOR PROFIT EMERGENCY MEASURED IN SARAH PALIN APPOINTED JUDGE GREGORY P. HEATH CENSORS 08/13/10 EXPERT WITNESS REPORT OF POLICE FORENSICS INTERVIEW TO COVER UP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PERPETRATED BY SARAH PALIN FRIEND MICHAEL PONTE UPON SILOOK FAMILY. HireLyrics produced evidence binder links to Marked Exhibits Index: Wasilla Alaska ShannonSilook and Roger Silook Dept of Justice Form 95 Claim For Damages; Motion to Intervene, Motion Compel Discovery, Motion Correct Administrative Errors Clerk of Court at Palmer OPA lawyer OCS social worker Tom Edwards and Lori Houston fail to issue any written record of scheduling notices, conduct hearings by telephone announced last minute and purport that Court Orders exist without producing same, to force 2nd mental health evaluation with Alaska practitoner Melinda Glass already complained about to Alaska Licensing Board for IMMD-2 Fraud Malpractice evaluation; RICO Indictable Title 18 Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law Federal Lawsuit Notice of Claim, Federal Crime Victim Disclosure Conflict of Interest Judicial Corruption by and between Alaska Superior Court at Palmer Judge Gregory P. Heath with OCS OPA ABA Abigail Sheldon, Esq Deny Protection from Domestic Violence abuse committed by former Governor Sarah Palin Family Friend, Michael Ponte who is known to 08/23/10 Alaska Police Officer Forensic Interview of 3 years old Kelasia Silook to have inflicted two brain injuries and chronic domestic violence abuse upon the children and grand children Ivan Kelasia and Davida) of Alaska Natives Shannon and Roger Silook to aid and abet conspire and cover up forced drugging, separation trauma injury, forced commerce, economic treason, OCS kidnap for profit of Kelasia and Davida Silook / Ponte.
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Inuit Silook v State of Alaska Exhibit Police Interview Censored Protect Sarah Palin Heath Friend – 844-292-1318 Alaska legal aid

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Alaska Native Inuit Silook Family Estate Five Generations are Federal Crime Victims verified evidence gathering depositions expert witness testimony and proprietary research docket analysis and pro se document production of Legal Administrative Assistant certified expert in nine areas of administrative practice, Roxanne Grinage responsibly recorded respectfully reported to slow a nationwide Child Slaughter, U.S. Economy Fraud Court and Education Reform Public Safety Emergency whose case studies can be viewed at

Shannon Silook is the Federal Crime Victim created by Official Corruption Fraud Civil Rights crimes committed against working class student and impoverished American Families, client of HireLyrics Administrative Services and mother of OCS Kidnapped For Project Injured by Domestic Violence Perpetrator family friend of former Governor Sarah Palin who appointed her relative Judge Gregory P Heath who is prejudicially presiding over conflict of interest CINA trial to cover up and protect Michael Ponte who inflicted two brain injuries upon Kelasia Silook in addition to other assault child abuse upon Silook family children which District Attorney Rachel Gernat is documented in Grand Jury Transcript for having tampered with a Grand Jury to falsely accuse a victim of domestic violence of Michael Ponte to aid and abet in the kidnap for profit schemes of OCS social workers and contractors and OPA lawyers and other professional misconduct verified and produced as lawful filings and exhibit notices at

Michael Ponte is the family friend of former Governor Sarah Palin who appointed her relative Judge Gregory P. Heath who allows absolutely no discovery, no due process, no written notice of scheduling or hearings, no filings of evidence depositions or expert witness testimony by Silook Family to protect Alaska or U.S. constitutional rights to due process and allows assistant attorney general Matt Wilkins and even a privately retained paid so-called defense lawyer to intimidate coerce charge unethically for professional services and misrepresent that they worked pro bono while leaving falsely accused Shannon Silook without any legal representation which does not share a conflict of interest with agencies OCS OPA and Sarah Palin Judge Gregory P Heath Billing and Nepoitism Corruption.

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