UD Mandela Washington Fellows Ignite on Equality, Ethics and Opportunity: Kelly Kapianga – 844-292-1318 Delaware legal aid

Kelly Kapianga is a legal practitioner with over five years’ legal experience. He currently works for Corpus Legal Practitioners and focuses on alternative dispute resolution. He also has over two years’ experience with juvenile justice as part of the Undikumbukire Project, in which he is a volunteer coach and legal advocate. Kelly teaches volleyball to juveniles in detention. He also gives juveniles legal advice, assists them in applying for bail, and helps them understand the criminal trial processes. He works with the Legal Aid Board of Zambia to provide free legal representation to juveniles. Kelly holds a Bachelor of Law degree with merit from the University of Zambia, and is also an advocate of the High Court for Zambia. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Kelly plans to continue his legal practice, working with juveniles, and advocating for reforms in the juvenile justice system in Zambia.
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Colwyn Borough, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, United States. 3/8/2016 at about 23:00 hours The Delaware County 911 center received calls for a fire at an unknown business at 522 Ellis ave. The caller reported hearing explosions and now sees a lot of smoke. Crews arrived to find a large auto repair facility in a 2 story 200’ x 150’ building. The building had dozens of cars, trailers, and other items stored around the building. Upon arrival they had fire in several cars around the building and heavy smoke showing from the building in the rear. The crews began forcing entry, knocking down the exterior fire and opening the roof. Initial water supply issues and an early collapse of part of the roof allowed the fire to gain headway in the building. A defensive attack was initiated Companies used 6 elevated master streams and several hand lines to control the fire. On a side note the Colwyn Fire company was out of service for this fire due to legal issues. Darby Borough a mutual aid company had command.

UD Mandela Washington Fellows Ignite on Equality, Ethics and Opportunity: Heri Emmanuel – 844-292-1318 Washington legal aid

Heri Emmanuel is an enrolled and practicing Advocate of the High Court of Tanzania and courts subordinate save for the primary courts, working with Legal Assistance Organization as an Executive Director, an NGO he co-founded in the year 2010. Heri has dedicated his professional life to serving the community of the poor, needy, marginalized and vulnerable by providing legal aid and legal representation free of charge. Also aspiring to be a global change agent, Heri envisions to have a community that upholds and respects human dignity, a responsible and accountable community, and prevalence of socio-economic and political tranquility for all. After the Mandela Washington Fellowship, he expects his vision and mission to be sharpened and to gain momentum from there. He plans to continue serving his community in a new dimension and diversify the coverage of work of the Legal Assistance Organization.
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