National Guard Called into Milwaukee, Wisconsin Riots – 844-292-1318 Wisconsin legal aid

National Guard Called into Milwaukee, Wisconsin Riots


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MVI 1416 Alabama Dipping Its Toes Into Marijuana! – 844-292-1318 legal aid Auburn Alabama

Alabama is going to legalize a by-product of marijuana, that does not give users a high, but has been proven to aid with certain medical conditions. I suspect that it won’t be too long before Alabama jumps into allow recreational marijuana usage, the money available is far to tempting.

Legal Services Alchemy: Turning Volume into Impact – 844-292-1318 Arkansas legal aid

Many legal aid programs are caught between the demands of high-volume direct services and the desire to make a broad impact. Legal Aid of Arkansas has been working to turn its volume into impact and saw big victories last year in its housing and Medicaid practices.  

Three attorneys from Legal Aid of Arkansas — Executive Director Lee Richardson, Housing Workgroup Leader Jason Auer, and Economic Justice Workgroup Leader Kevin De Liban — talked with us about how Legal Aid of Arkansas made this transition and its specific campaigns on criminal evictions and Medicaid delays.

For a detailed account of their work, be sure to read their Clearinghouse article, “Alchemizing Volume”: