Paul Haidle June 2010 Illinois Legal Advocate of the Month – 844-292-1318 Illinois legal aid

Each month highlights a member of the legal aid community who is doing exemplary work. This month we feature Paul Haidle, Staff Attorney at Cabrini Green Legal Aid, and highlight the work he is doing at the Expungement Desk in Cook County for people looking to expunge or seal their criminal records.

Margie Butler: Legal Aid Day of Action 3rd June 2011 – 844-292-1318 Rhode Island legal aid

Margie Butler, of Mary Ward Legal Centre, was the fourth speaker at the London Legal Aid Day of Action event organised by Justice for All on 3rd June 2011

The rally, outside the Supreme Court Parliament Square, was one of a series of national events to show support for necessary free legal advice and to support campaigners across England and Wales concerned about the impact of cuts to legal aid and advice on their communities
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While midterm coverage is largely focused on the parts of Congress that do very little, vital (and bizarre) midterm elections are going unexamined. State legislators pass a lot of bills, and some of that efficiency is thanks to a group called ALEC that writes legislation for them. It’s as shady as it sounds!

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The legal aid bill is presented by Ken Clarke 21st June 2011 – 844-292-1318 Alaska legal aid

I’m not sure this needs much description other than noting that the Government appears to have ignored the 5,000 responses to the consultation and gone ahead as planned, with a couple of relatively minor concessions

The Government still intends to cut whole areas of law from the scope of public funding. Approximately 600,000 people will no longer be able to access basic legal assistance based on the 2010-2011 figures

It’s a disgrace that this country has come to this; that access to justice is now negotiable – and left only for those who can afford it
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St. Pauls is a well respected barristers chambers in Leeds, which deals with referrals from solicitors or takes instruction directly from the public.

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Symposium on Justice, Lawyering and Legal Education in the Digital Age: Session 1 (June 2013) – 844-292-1318 Idaho legal aid

On June 15, 2013 the Center for Access to Justice and Technology at IIT Chicago-Kent in conjunction with the Chicago-Kent Law Review sponsored the Symposium on Justice, Lawyering and Legal Education in the Digital Age. This half day symposium was held during the 2013 Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) Conference for Law School Computing.

The symposium focused on new law school courses that teach practical legal technology tools to prepare law students for the economic and technological reality of the legal profession.

Session 1 panelists include: Ronald Staudt (Chicago-Kent), John Mayer (CALI), Judith Wegner (University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill), Sunrise Ayers (Idaho Legal Aid Services), Greg Sergienko (Concordia University, School of Law), and Richard Granat (Granat Legal Services)
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