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Machine Gun Kelly’s official music video for “Mind of a Stoner ” ft. Wiz Khalifa

Director/Editor: Charlie Zwick
Screenplay by: Machine Gun Kelly
Produced by: Ambitious Film –
Producers: Louie Torrellas & Miger Diaz

Mayor Bill de Blasio Appoints Heads of Key Criminal Justice Positions

Joseph Ponte to lead the Department of Correction, Ana Bermúdez to lead the Department of Probation, Elizabeth Glazer to head the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, Vincent Schiraldi to serve as Senior Advisor to the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice

Mayor Bill de Blasio today announced four key criminal justice appointments to his administration, continuing to build on his promise to assemble a progressive, effective and diverse government that serves every New Yorker. The Mayor named Joseph Ponte as Commissioner of the Department of Correction, Ana Bermúdez as Commissioner of the Department of Probation, Elizabeth Glazer as Director of the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, and Vincent Schiraldi as Senior Advisor to the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice.

In his forty-year corrections career, Joseph Ponte has earned a national reputation as a successful reformer. Currently the Commissioner of the Maine Department of Corrections, Ponte has a broad range of experience that offers a unique perspective and deep understanding of corrections system management. Ponte has served as a correctional officer, a warden, and as director and commissioner of numerous corrections systems around the country, and understands the challenges each member of the corrections community faces. As Commissioner of the Maine DOC, Ponte instituted reforms that reduced the use of solitary confinement by two-thirds, and completely eliminated the use of disciplinary segregation for people identified as mentally ill. He will be charged with overhauling the city’s corrections system: ending the overuse of solitary confinement, curtailing officers’ use of excessive force, and improving resources to handle the mentally ill.

An accomplished public servant and advocate, Ana Bermúdez brings more than 20 years of experience within the criminal justice system to the Department of Probation. From her early days as a Staff Attorney at the Legal Aid Society to her most recent role as Deputy Commissioner for Juvenile Operations of the New York City Department of Probation, Bermúdez has devoted her entire career to preventing recidivism, facilitating re-entry, and designing and implementing restorative justice programs for New York City’s youth. As Commissioner of the Department of Probation, Bermúdez will continue to implement forward-thinking policies that make the community safer by helping individuals turn their lives around.

Elizabeth Glazer brings decades of experience in the justice system to the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice. From her work as chief advisor to Governor Cuomo on criminal justice, to her role as Special Counsel to the New York State Attorney General, Glazer’s progressive approach has led to lasting reform across the city and state. As Director, Glazer will serve as the senior criminal justice policy advisor to the Mayor and First Deputy Mayor, overseeing citywide criminal justice policy and developing and implementing strategies across city agencies and partners to enhance public safety, reduce unnecessary incarceration, and increase fairness. Glazer will also be charged with serving as the Mayor’s representative to the courts, district attorneys, and state criminal justice agencies, among others. The Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice will design and deploy strategies with all partners who influence and are touched by crime, including government agencies, non-profits, private and philanthropic organizations and neighborhoods. This affirmative and comprehensive approach will promote the well-being of individuals, families and communities.

Vincent Schiraldi has led the New York City Department of Probation for the past four years, overseeing significant programmatic innovation and reforms in the agency. From organizing community resource fairs for probation clients to founding the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, Schiraldi has consistently used innovative solutions throughout his career to tackle the unique challenges facing young adults in the criminal justice system. As Senior Advisor to the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, Schiraldi will build upon his extensive track record to continue supporting young adults. Working with key city agencies and outside partners, he will focus on the unique challenges posed by young adults in the criminal justice system. In addition, he will work with the city Department of Education, the NYPD and other entities to improve school safety and reduce the number of students who get suspended and arrested.

Blue Room, City Hall, Manhattan
March 3, 2014

UD Mandela Washington Fellows Ignite on Equality, Ethics and Opportunity: Kelly Kapianga – 844-292-1318 Delaware legal aid

Kelly Kapianga is a legal practitioner with over five years’ legal experience. He currently works for Corpus Legal Practitioners and focuses on alternative dispute resolution. He also has over two years’ experience with juvenile justice as part of the Undikumbukire Project, in which he is a volunteer coach and legal advocate. Kelly teaches volleyball to juveniles in detention. He also gives juveniles legal advice, assists them in applying for bail, and helps them understand the criminal trial processes. He works with the Legal Aid Board of Zambia to provide free legal representation to juveniles. Kelly holds a Bachelor of Law degree with merit from the University of Zambia, and is also an advocate of the High Court for Zambia. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Kelly plans to continue his legal practice, working with juveniles, and advocating for reforms in the juvenile justice system in Zambia.
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Colwyn Borough, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, United States. 3/8/2016 at about 23:00 hours The Delaware County 911 center received calls for a fire at an unknown business at 522 Ellis ave. The caller reported hearing explosions and now sees a lot of smoke. Crews arrived to find a large auto repair facility in a 2 story 200’ x 150’ building. The building had dozens of cars, trailers, and other items stored around the building. Upon arrival they had fire in several cars around the building and heavy smoke showing from the building in the rear. The crews began forcing entry, knocking down the exterior fire and opening the roof. Initial water supply issues and an early collapse of part of the roof allowed the fire to gain headway in the building. A defensive attack was initiated Companies used 6 elevated master streams and several hand lines to control the fire. On a side note the Colwyn Fire company was out of service for this fire due to legal issues. Darby Borough a mutual aid company had command.