Frozen Toby Barbie AllToyCollector McDonald’s Toy Playset Disney Anna kids NEW Crush Toby Date 4 – 844-292-1318 legal aid Decatur Alabama

Frozen Anna Barbie Parody Frozen Toby Date PART 4 Barbie Parody Disney Princess Anna’s son Frozen Toby goes on another date with Barbie’s sister Chelsea. They use the Barbie Kelly Power Wheels Jeep to go to Barbie McDonald’s playset.

Play -Doh Disney Princess Frozen Toby Date Feed LPS Cat Disney Mulan Barbie Toy Playset

Frozen Toby CRUSH Disney Anna Date 5 AllToyCollector Barbie School DisneyCarToys Kelly Jessie

Frozen Toby Crush PART 3:

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Brilliant Trump Supporter Kids Wreck Old Racist Idiot Adults In Atlanta Street Debate (REACTION) – 844-292-1318 Georgia legal aid

Donald Trump held a rally in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday, June 15 2016, and of course the typical crazies came out to protest him. Unfortunately for one of his protesters, who was wearing not only a black lives matter t-shirt, but also a LGBT button, a group of high school aged kids, including a 16 year old black male, were present to shut down their foolishness via a debate of epic proportions. Every point and counter point that the Trump protesters in this video made was wrecked into oblivion by these kids, who were actually debating full grown adults that appeared to be in their 40s and above.

The beauty of this debate is in the way it illustrates the chasm between blacks with a brain and blacks that are complete morons. The black LIES matter supporter in this video was a complete moron, but the 16 year old black kid and his high school aged friends were not. In one of the sadder, but hilarious, moments of the video, the black lies matter supporter thought that Donald Trump’s wife was illegal simply because she “was from Europe.” Maybe he doesn’t know the difference between legal immigration and illegal immigration?

Liberals and liberal media would have the whole country believe that all blacks are morons that require the assistance of whites to complete any mundane task. This video wrecks that whole ideology. It also shows how much disdain African Americans have for other blacks who can’t get it together and are willfully ignorant.

In a day and age of safe space liberal kids on college campuses, that scream at the top of their lungs when they are triggered due to frail insecurities, a video like this is simply refreshing. The DePaul University event kerfuffle involving Milo Yiannopoulos would have many lose faith in the youth. This is a stark and welcomed contrast that provides hope for the future of our youth.

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EPIC TRUMP DEBATE (Original Video)

Do Kids Have Rights in School? – 844-292-1318 Connecticut legal aid

Do Kids Have Rights in School?

Adapted from Your Child’s Rights in School, by the CT Network for Legal Aid:
This video and Your Child’s Rights in School will only give you general information about the law: that’s not the same as getting legal advice about your own situation. If you want to talk with someone about a legal problem or think you may need the services of an attorney, call the toll-free Statewide Legal Services Hotline: 1-800-453-3320
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“GA Special Education Law and Kids in Care — An Overview” – 844-292-1318 Georgia legal aid

“GA Special Education Law and Kids in Care — An Overview” and the speaker is Craig Goodmark, Director of the TeamChild Atlanta Project at Atlanta Legal Aid Society
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