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The establishment of Al Quds Public Library (AQUPL) project is funded by the Royal Charity Organization – Kingdom of Bahrain and implemented by UNDP’s Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People, in cooperation with Al Quds University. Located inside the Old City walls, AQUPL is a three-level historical building restored and rehabilitated by UNDP. The library provides the population with a variety of books, digital resources, and learning tools.
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With global poverty worsening for the past 35 years, it is clear that the development industry has failed at its most basic objective. Why? Because it depoliticizes the problem of poverty. Poverty is not caused primarily by domestic failures, as aid agencies would have us believe. Rather, it is the inevitable outcome of a global economic order that is designed to serve a small number of rich countries at the expense of most of the rest of the world.

Dr Hickel is an anthropologist who researches international development and global political economy, with an ethnographic focus on southern Africa.

This lecture took place on 18th April 2016 at the Al-Quds University Library, Aqabet Al-Rasas, in the Old City. It was a joint event with the Centre for Jerusalem Studies (Al-Quds University), organized under the project ‘Promoting Teaching and Research in Political Economy in Palestine’, which is a partnership between the Kenyon Institute, Birzeit University and the LSE Middle East Centre.
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