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Consumer Protection Attorney John G. Watts explains what you should do when a debt collector sues you and leaves the summons at your door.

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Justice for the rich – Lawyer warns legal aid cuts could leave ‘price-tag’ for justice – 844-292-1318 New York legal aid

Justice for the rich – Lawyer warns legal aid cuts could leave ‘price-tag’ for justice

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Greg Foxsmith, nominee for legal aid lawyer of the year, talks to Going Underground host Afshin Rattansi about the effect of cuts on the British justice system. He says Chris Grayling is unsuitable to be Lord Chancellor because of his views on forcing cuts on a justice system ‘already at breaking point.’ The reforms are affecting the whole system, reducing access to justice for those who no longer qualify for legal aid, and with remuneration work so low that firms are stopping legal aid work or going bankrupt. This will lead to corners being cut and miscarriages of justice ‘whether people are represented or not.’ He warns of ‘advice deserts’ where people cannot access legal funding to help in cases, and explains that with more people forced to represent themselves, this will not actually save money – trials will take longer, miscarriages of justice impact on prison budgets and lead to further litigation, so ‘it’s not even a genuine saving.’ He points out that everyone has a right to defend themselves, not just the rich – ‘if you can only afford to defend yourself in a court according to the size of your bank budget, then that’s not equal representation before the law.’ He says some of Grayling’s reforms are probably unlawful, and they are being challenged in court, but the Lord Chancellor has said he will try and force through a system with rates so low that firms will close, which ‘could take a generation to put right.’ Underneath the ‘veneer of mercenary tabloid propaganda’ that the cuts only affect rapists and terrorists, anybody could be accused of any offence at any time, and the choice is between equal justice for all, ‘or you don’t have any justice at all.’ He argues that this is a human rights issue, as if only the rich have a right to a fair trial it is no right at all – ‘you can have the right to justice but if there comes a price tag with that that you can’t afford it makes a mockery of the system.’ He wants redressing of the balance, but to date only the Green Party has come out with a commitment to overturn the cuts. Even if you buy into austerity, he points out legal aid was already cut under the previous Labour government, and has had no pay increases or cuts every year for the last 20 years, so it was already cut to the ‘very minimum survival threshold.’ If the cuts go through, ‘our judicial system… will fall into disrepute, there will be miscarriages of justice’ and an eventual backlash and scandals. The balance will be restored eventually, after campaigning, but ‘it’s a terrible shame to go through that cycle.’

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