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Criminal Justice Attorney, Legal Services in Bloomington IN 47404

Another word for attorney is counselor. As your counselor, my task is to guide, inform, and advise you, to insure that you are a full partner in resolving your legal issue or defense, and that all of your constitutional rights are protected.

I keep my case load small enough to give each client and each case the full attention it, and you, deserve. Although I cannot assure you of the outcome of your case, I can promise you that your phone calls and emails will be answered promptly, that all of your questions will be answered, and that I will be with you every step of the way, to advise you and assist you through the often confusing and frightening legal system.

Televangelists: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) – 844-292-1318 North Dakota legal aid

U.S. tax law allows television preachers to get away with almost anything. We know this from personal experience.

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Workers Compensation Legal Help Kansas City, KS (800) 603-6833 – 844-292-1318 Kansas legal aid

Workers Compensation Legal Help Kansas City, KS (800) 603-6833

Call us toll free: (800) 603-6833

Getting hurt on the job can be a life altering experience, especially if your company does not do their part in helping you get back on your feet. During those unfortunate times you will need a competent Worker’s Compensation Attorney to help get what you deserve.

The Hayes Firm is a legal finding service that will listen to the circumstances of your injury and connect you to the ideal Workers Comp Lawyer in your area. Best of all, our service is free.

If you live in Kansas City, KS and have been injured through no fault of your own you may be entitled to legal compensation. Reach out to us today and receive a free consultation. It’s our job to connect you quickly to the attorney that can help you in your time of need.
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Best Local Bankruptcy Attorney Kansas City

Looking for a Lawyer? Watch Free Legal Advice on How to Obtain Legal Forms, Legal Help & Free Legal Aid to Find the Best Local Attorneys Near You.

William Voorhies Kansas City Bankruptcy Attorney. Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13 bankruptcy Attorney, in Kansas City Missouri.

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Legal Advice Vehicle Accidents Lawyer Oak View California – 844-292-1318 California legal aid Find licensed vehicle accidents attorneys Oak View California.
If you are looking to need an attorney in Oak View, California to handle your vehicle accidents, our video will help you to better understand how to choose the right law firm for your case.

In our video we show some statistics about Car Accidents: according to General Motor Vehicle Accidents Statistics (2009)

– 10.8 Million Motor Vehicle Accidents (U.S. Census)
– 35,900 Deaths (U.S. Census)
– 3.5 Million Non Fatal Injuries (National Safety Council)
– 18.4 Million Vehicles Involved (National Safety Council)
– 4.7 Billion Total Motor Vehicle Related Costs (National Safety Council)
– Every 10 seconds, someone in the United States is involved in a car accident (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration — NHTSA)

Generally speaking, the Law of Negligence governs legal claims that arise from motor vehicle accidents.

The concept of negligence was developed under English Law and emerged as an independent cause of action in the 18th Century. Negligence is defined as “Conduct that falls below the standards of behavior established by law for the protection of others against unreasonable risk of harm”.

When operating a motor vehicle, you MUST “exercise reasonable care given the circumstances”, that means, be careful in driving yourself and watch out for the others.

Be sure to:

– Obey all signs and traffic signals.
– Signal when turning.
– Not to drive neither above nor below the posted speed limit.
– Be fully alert when operating a vehicle and surely don’t be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
– Take account for weather conditions to operate the vehicle safely.
– Avoid excessive lane changes.
– Not to use your mobile phone or other device to talk or text while driving.

Failure to exercise reasonable care could result in the negligent person being required to pay for damages (property damages and personal injuries)! Don’t forget that more tragic accidents occur, that have a lethal outcome for the unaware victims. So, please, drive safe in order not to take away someone’s life (yours included).

So if that was you who was hurt or your property was damaged – what must you (i.e. Plaintiff) be prepared to do when filing a lawsuit?

– Prove that the defendant was negligent
– Demonstrate that the negligence directly caused the accident
– Prove that the accident is what caused your injuries

How DO you prove this to the court?

– Retain a good attorney who will develop a theory of liability
– Obtain a copy of the police or accident report
– Witnesses are critical in proving your case
– An in-depth knowledge of the state traffic laws where the accident took place would be handy.

Need legal help? Find a local personal injury lawyer to assist you with your case on Legal Bistro. The service is 100% free for consumers and you remain anonymous throughout the entire process of finding the right lawyer. So what have you got to lose? Come and visit our site at

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If you are looking to legal advice a lawyer in Oak View, California to handle your personal injury, our video will help you to better understand how to choose the right law firm for your case.

In the second part of our video “Understanding Personal Injury Terminology” we continue introducing general personal injury terms.

Torts fall into the following three general categories:

1. Intentional Torts — a tort that can only result from an intentional act such as:
– battery
– assault
– false imprisonment
– trespass to land
– trespass to chattels
– intentional infliction of emotional stress.

2. Negligent Torts — a tort that results from a failure to behave with the level of care that someone of ordinary prudence (i.e. sometimes called the “prudent man rule”) would have exercised under those same circumstances. An example would be causing an accident by failing to obey traffic rules (i.e. speeding, running through a red light or stop sign, etc.).

3. Strict Liability Torts — a tort caused by virtue of a wrongful act, without any accompanying intent or mental state. An example would be liability for making and selling defective products (i.e. often called “Product Liability”) such as a harmful drug.


There are five elements that are required to establish a prima facie case of negligence:

1. The existence of a legal duty to exercise reasonable care.
2. A failure to exercise reasonable care.
3. Cause in fact of physical harm by the negligent conduct.
4. Physical harm in the form of actual damages.
5. Proximate cause, a showing that the harm is within the scope of liability.

Need legal help? On Legal Bistro you will find many lawyers who will review your case and be interested to work with you on a contingent fee basis. The service is 100% free for consumers and you remain anonymous throughout the entire process of finding the right lawyer. So what have you got to lose? Come and visit our site at

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Who Was Emmett Till? Story, Mother, Biography, Book, Facts, Legacy (2004) – 844-292-1318 Mississippi legal aid

Although racially motivated murders had occurred throughout the South for decades, the circumstances surrounding Emmett Till grew beyond the details of a 14-year-old boy who had unknowingly defied a severe social caste system. About the book:

Till’s murder brought considerations about segregation, law enforcement, relations between the North and South, the social status quo in Mississippi, the NAACP, White Citizens’ Councils, and the Cold War, all of which were played out in a drama staged in newspapers all over the U.S. and abroad. When Till went missing, a three-paragraph story was printed in the Greenwood Commonwealth and quickly picked up by other Mississippi newspapers. They reported on his death when the body was found, and the next day, when a picture of him his mother had taken the previous Christmas showing them smiling together appeared in the Jackson Daily News and Vicksburg Evening Post, editorials and letters to the editor were printed expressing shame at the people who had caused Till’s death. One read, “Now is the time for every citizen who loves the state of Mississippi to ‘Stand up and be counted’ before hoodlum white trash brings us to destruction.” The letter said that Negroes were not the downfall of Mississippi society, but whites like those in White Citizens’ Councils that condoned violence.

Till’s body was clothed, packed in lime, and put in a pine coffin and prepared for burial. It may have been embalmed while in Mississippi. Mamie Till Bradley demanded that the body be sent to Chicago; she later stated that she endeavored to halt an immediate burial in Mississippi and called several local and state authorities in Illinois and Mississippi to make sure that her son was returned to Chicago. A doctor did not examine Till post-mortem.

Mississippi’s governor, Hugh L. White, deplored the murder, asserting that local authorities should pursue a “vigorous prosecution”. He sent a telegram to the national offices of the NAACP promising a full investigation and assuring them “Mississippi does not condone such conduct”. Delta residents, both black and white, also distanced themselves from Till’s murder, finding the circumstances abhorrent. Local newspaper editorials denounced the murderers without question. Leflore County Deputy Sheriff John Cothran stated, “The white people around here feel pretty mad about the way that poor little boy was treated, and they won’t stand for this.”

Soon, however, discourse about Till’s murder became more complex. Robert B. Patterson, executive secretary of the segregationist White Citizens’ Council, lamented Till’s death by reiterating that racial segregation policies were in force for blacks’ safety and that their efforts were being neutralized by the NAACP. In response, NAACP executive secretary Roy Wilkins characterized the incident as a lynching and stated that Mississippi was trying to maintain white supremacy through murder, and “there is in the entire state no restraining influence of decency, not in the state capital, among the daily newspapers, the clergy, nor any segment of the so-called better citizens”. Mamie Till Bradley told a reporter that she would seek legal aid to help law enforcement find her son’s killers and that the State of Mississippi should share the financial responsibility. She was misquoted; it came out as “Mississippi is going to pay for this”.

The A. A. Rayner Funeral Home in Chicago received Till’s body, and upon arrival, Bradley insisted on viewing it to make a positive identification, later stating that the stench from it was noticeable two blocks away. She decided to have an open casket funeral, saying “There was just no way I could describe what was in that box. No way. And I just wanted the world to see.” Tens of thousands of people lined the street outside the mortuary to view Till’s body, and days later thousands more attended his funeral at Roberts Temple Church of God in Christ. Photographs of his mutilated corpse circulated around the country, notably appearing in Jet magazine and The Chicago Defender, both black publications, and drew intense public reaction. According to The Nation and Newsweek, Chicago’s black community was “aroused as it has not been over any similar act in recent history”. Till was buried on September 6 in Burr Oak Cemetery in Alsip, Illinois.
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Police Officer Union Retaliates Against Cops – 844-292-1318 Rhode Island legal aid

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Westerly, Rhode Island (July 28, 2015) – Five part-time police officers in Westerly, RI have filed a Civil Rights lawsuit against the Town of Westerly, several town officials, and International Brotherhood of Police Officers Local 503 (Local 503) in U.S. District Court. The plaintiffs are receiving free legal aid from the National Right to Work Foundation.

Thomas Cimalore, Anthony Falcone, Scott Ferrigno, Darrell Koza, and Raymond Morrone, brought the suit and seek declaratory, injunctive, and monetary relief because a portion of every paycheck (at a rate of an hour) is being confiscated by the town and paid directly to Local 503.

The lawsuit alleges that the plaintiffs’ First, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights (and other state labor and whistle blower protection statues) are violated when they are forced, as a condition of employment, to financially support Local 503 despite never authorizing or requesting that the town withhold a portion of their paycheck and distribute those funds to Local 503.

Because Rhode Island lacks a Right to Work law, and is a forced-unionism state, workers who choose not to join a union can still be forced to pay fees to union bosses as a condition of employment if they labor under a union-imposed contract. However, these 5 part-time officers are not only nonmembers; they are not even represented under Local 503’s monopoly bargaining agreement with the Town of Westerly. Despite that, a clause in the union contract specifically states that, although not covered by the agreement, part-time officers are required to pay a fee to Local 503.

The deductions began about the beginning of April 2014. After noticing the deductions, the officers brought them to the attention of the town’s payroll department. On July 29, 2014, some of the officers met with the Chief of Police, Edward St. Clair, to express their concerns about the unconstitutional and illegal clause in the agreement between the town and Local 503. The complaint alleges that when the officers told St. Clair they planned to publicly speak out, St. Clair admonished them, noting that as part-time officers they could easily be replaced.

In November 2014, the Town revised its “Detail Assignment System” which it uses to allocate all “private duty” assignments (all part-time officers only work private duty). The pay for private duty is 38 dollars an hour. The system was revised in such a manner that it diminished plaintiffs’ hours and pay. The timing and circumstances of the revision caused the officers to allege the revision was retaliation by the town for their questioning the illegal forced fee arrangement.

Moreover, on December 4, 2014, plaintiff Darrell Koza was fired with neither notice nor a hearing. In addition to the five officers’ lawsuit, Koza has filed a separate suit alleging that his termination was illegal retaliation for publicly speaking out against the illegal scheme.

“In an elaborate and blatantly unconstitutional scheme, union bosses and bureaucrats joined forces to confiscate 13% of every paycheck from hardworking part-time police officers,” said Mark Mix, President of the National Right to Work Foundation.

“These five individuals simply wanted to serve their community; instead they are forced to subsidize the special interests of union bosses who do not even represent them. The scheme itself is outrageous, but it is just as shameful that, when these officers asked questions about why their rights were being violated, they also found themselves subject to threats and retaliation,” continued Mix.
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“12 for 12” Program: Funding Fairness for Our Courts/Legal Aid – 844-292-1318 Massachusetts legal aid

Massachusetts Bar Association President Douglas K. Sheff talks about why funding for courts and legal aid programs in Massachusetts is a fairness issue, not just a lawyer issue. Whether you are a lawyer, a client or an interested member of the public, join us during the most critical weeks of the budget process and speak up on behalf of fairness.

Visit for more on how you can help participate in our “12 for 12” program — 12,000 lawyers, reaching out to 12 clients each, speaking together as one voice to ask lawmakers in Massachusetts to support funding for our courts and legal aid programs.

Testimony 12 Wendy Berg Community Legal Aid Northampton, MA
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