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Top Lawyer Internet of Things Legal & Liability Issues 201-446-9643

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Product Liability Law – David Rogers, Foulston Siefkin Law Firm, Wichita, Kansas Office – 844-292-1318 Kansas legal aid

Throughout its history, Foulston Siefkin has had a tradition for legal excellence in product liability defense. The firm is recognized as one of the top trial firms in the Midwest, with 5 attorneys that are Fellows in the American College of Trial Lawyers. Our trial lawyers have tried hundreds of cases to verdict in courts all over the region.

Foulston Siefkin lawyers have represented manufacturers from all over the nation in product liability claims. From asbestos to electronic devices to tires and wheels and pharmaceutical products, Foulston Siefkin lawyers have been involved in all aspects of the often complex world of product litigation. We understand the necessity of litigation coordination for world-wide distributors, the sensitivity of document production issues and the need for retention and development of the highest quality experts.
As the largest Kansas law firm, Foulston Siefkin is able to draw on a multitude of resources to aid in product liability suits. Nearly 30 years of experience in product liability law gives our attorneys a distinct advantage and a background of helpful resources, knowledge, and experience. Our attorneys are trained to aggressively investigate and defend product liability claims, while working closely with the manufacturer or seller to coordinate a nationwide defense strategy that may include anything from early settlement discussions to trial.

Product cases often become document intensive wars with the need for exceptional management capabilities. Foulston Siefkin has invested extensively in the technology necessary to coordinate, track and utilize the voluminous information generated in complex litigation. This technology allows us to communicate and coordinate litigation strategies with lawyers and clients all over the country.
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