Rochester NH Social Security Disability Attorney Stephen Brown – 844-292-1318 Mississippi legal aid Unable to work due to disability? The lawyers at the Law Offices of Stephen C. Brown & Associates will provide professional, reliable legal aid to help you with your Social Security disability issues including: Applications – Initial and Follow up; Denial of claims. 603-332-3535

Equality NC Foundation was founded in 1979 under the name North Carolina Human Rights Fund (NCHRF), an education and charitable organization established to promote and defend the human rights and civil liberties of lesbians and gay men in North Carolina. In its infancy NCHRF worked to document antigay violence, repeal the Crime Against Nature law, provide legal aid to gays and lesbians, and helped fund the first NC Pride marches. The Foundation has expanded its programs to educate all residents of North Carolina about LGBT issues.

Equality NC Foundation played an important public education role on issues ranging from LGBT bullying, to effective HIV prevention, and the protection of LGBT families, and was a 2009 grantee of the Gill Foundation.
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please help – 844-292-1318 Mississippi legal aid

Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:

From: Marie K Demosthenes
Date: October 11, 2015 at 6:12:43 PM EDT
To: Marie K Demosthenes, Marie K Demosthenes -DEMOSTHENES1064@GMAIL.COM-, Marie K Demosthenes -DEMOSTHENES1064@AOL.COM-
Dear Ms. Demosthenes,

Thank you for your email to the Florida Department of Revenue in which you expressed your issue with the Okeechobee County Planning and Development Department’s denial of your permit application to add a garage behind your privacy fence on your 1.24-acre lot.

This matter does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Department of Revenue. The Okeechobee County Planning and Development Department has the authority to approve or deny permit applications in their jurisdiction.

I understand from your email to the Department of Revenue that you have already contacted the Okeechobee County Planning and Development Department to discuss the denial of your application. You may want to contact your county commission to ask if they can provide additional assistance regarding this matter. The Okeechobee County Commission’s contact information is available at

If you have questions about property tax in the future, we invite you to contact us through our e-portal system

Because the Department of Revenue does not administer property tax, this response is not a policy statement or interpretation of state law or rules but is provided for your information and assistance. We hope the general information provided in this response is helpful to you.

From: “Ward, Kimberly”
Date: October 5, 2015 at 5:02:42 PM EDT
To: Marie K Demosthenes
Subject: RE: Please help
Ms. Demosthenes:

I am receipt of your email; however, our agency cannot assist you. We suggest you contact your local legal aid society or the Florida Bar’s attorney referral service for assistance. Please see links below.

Legal Aid:

Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service:


Kimberly Sisko Ward
Assistant General Counsel
Department of Juvenile Justice
Office of General Counsel
2737 Centerview Drive, Suite 3200
Tallahassee, FL 32399-3100

From: Marie K Demosthenes []
Sent: Monday, October 05, 2015 1:22 AM
To: Ward, Kimberly
Subject: Please help

I believe you were notified in our office on September 10, in the notice of denial of the permit application sent on September 14, and in an email sent on September 29 that county regulations do not allow for an accessory structure such as a garage or shed to be placed on a parcel unless there is first a principle structure. In your situation, that would be a residential dwelling complying with the county’s appearance and design standards. There is not anything we can do about your situation at this time. When you are ready to put a house on your parcel, let us know and we will provide whatever assistance we can in processing your permit application.

Bill Royce
Okeechobee County
Planning and Development Department
1700 NW 9th Avenue, Suite A
Okeechobee, FL 34972
Phone (863) 763-5548
Fax (863) 763-5276

On Sep 16, 2015, at 1:38 PM, “Patty Burnette” wrote:
Good Afternoon Ms. Demosthenes.
I want to let you know I am in receipt of your email regarding a denial letter for the construction of a shed that you received from the County Planning and Zoning Department. The property County of Okeechobee’s jurisdiction and not the City of Okeechobee. The City would not have any authority over the property, so I have forwarded all your correspondence received by the City to Mr. Bill Royce with the Okeechobee County Planning and Zoning Department. His email addressisbroyce@co.okeechobee.fl.usand his phone number is 863-763-5548.
Hopefully you will be able to receive some solution to your situation.

Veterans Treatment Court Webinar – Session 1 – 844-292-1318 Mississippi legal aid

Attorneys, Judges, and Court Personnel as First-Responders: Strategies to Identify and Mitigate Trauma Among Veteran Participants with PTSD and Operational Stress Injuries in Veterans Treatment Court Settings – Forensic stress, which is generated solely by involvement in the criminal litigation, often aggravates symptoms of existing mental health conditions for veterans facing charges. It impairs the defendant’s abilities to make reasoned legal decisions and challenges attorneys and other professionals in the justice system to identify and counteract these powerful forces. This Webinar describes methods to assist attorneys and other members of a treatment team in diverting the client from his or her own symptoms – not only from confinement. It also identifies some risks inherent in the professional’s exposure to a Veteran’s own traumatic experiences.

For all participants, the Webinar introduces the concept of “Psycholegal Softspots” as particular aspects of criminal litigation that are known to trigger stress reactions, explores “Psychological First Aid” as a vehicle to mitigate crises, and discusses PTSD trigger awareness plans as practical tools tailored meet an individual participant’s unique needs in a Veterans Treatment Court program. For attorneys, the Webinar also previews ethically acceptable interventions that do not transform the lawyer into a mental health professional and identifies the hallmarks of effective collaboration with mental health professionals during the course of the representation.

Major Seamone is a Professor and Director of the Legal Writing Program at Mississippi College School of Law. He also serves as a Major and Senior Defense Counsel in the United States Army Reserve. During his tours in Iraq, Germany, and at domestic military installations, he participated as both a prosecutor and defense attorney in sexual assault, complex death penalty, and other felony criminal cases involving defendants with PTSD. Major Seamone has written extensively about treatment-based sentencing alternatives in military courts-martial proceedings and the use of civilian Veterans Treatment and Mental Health Problem-Solving Courts by military organizations and commanders. He is actively involved in the development of a standardized curriculum to assist family court judges in better understanding the unique needs of military families.

University of Chicago Law School Students spent their 2012 spring break providing legal assistance in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Colombia Legal Services call +57 (4) 604-1253 Maryland United States – 844-292-1318 Mississippi legal aid

Maryland United States Call +57 (4) 604-1253 Business & Commercial Lawyers in Colombia Attorney Colombia company incorporation in Colombia starting a business in Colombia business formation registered agents Maryland United States law firms in Colombia law firm
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Planning for the Future with a 529 Plan | Mississippi Guardianship Lawyer – 844-292-1318 Mississippi legal aid

Planning for the Future with a 529 Plan | Mississippi Guardianship Lawyer

** For more information or for help setting up a 529 plan in Mississippi, visit or call (866) 925-9797. **
*DISCLAIMER* Thank you for watching the Morton Law Firm video. Please note, the material located in this video is for informational purposes only, is general in nature, and is not intended to and should not be relied upon or construed as a legal opinion or legal advice regarding any specific issue or factual circumstance. Nor is this information intended to create, and receipt of it does not create, an attorney-client relationship between you and the firm. Therefore you should consult an attorney in the event you want legal advice. This video is also not intended to be advertising and Morton Law Firm, PLLC does not seek to represent anyone by means of this video in a state where this video may fail to comply with all laws and ethical rules of that state. Please note, the content of any communication you send to the firm electronically or by any other means will not be considered confidential unless you have received such written confirmation and you should be aware that we can use any unsolicited information you send to us on behalf of our clients. We will neither accept requests for legal advice nor offer specific legal advice over the internet.

If you already have children or are making plans to grow your family, it makes sense to consider a 529 plan. These are plans which are set up before your kids even head out to college, allowing you to put money aside for tuition so it will be there when you need it.

There are a number of benefits to using this type of program, not the least of which is the possibility of locking in today’s tuition prices. With the ongoing increase in tuition, paying 2012 prices for a plan which might not be cashed in until 2025 makes good financial sense.
There are also some really attractive tax benefits available to those who take advantage of 529 plans when planning for their families’ futures. For example, the money invested grows tax-deferred, and college costs later are free from federal taxes.

Some states also offer considerable tax benefits. A skilled local attorney can help you assess the applicable tax benefits for those residing in the Clinton area.

Because 529 plans are typically run through states or institutions, there is often concern about whether or not kids growing up in the Clinton area have to attend specific schools in Mississippi.

Most plans actually allow you to choose from a variety of schools, not limiting you by geographic area. In fact, it is common for families from one state to choose to invest in a 529 plan from another state because they prefer it for one reason or another.

There are two different types of 529 plans to consider when planning for your kids’ future. (Or your own, as you can set up a plan for yourself if you know you’re interested in going back to school in the future).

“Savings plans” are similar to retirement plans, with your contributions invested into things such as mutual funds. The value of the plan depends on how these investments perform.

“Prepaid plans” simply allow you to pay the tuition in advance. These can often be converted for use at out-of-state or private colleges.

CBS News has a good rundown on six reasons to invest in a 529 plan. They include reasons such as the fact that tax changes in 2013 won’t affect money already invested and a likelihood that investments made now will keep pace with tuition increases. Grandparents are even looking at 529 plans as a way to provide for grandchildren during the estate planning process.

If you have questions on how to set up a 529 plan and whether it’s a wise option for your family, give our Clinton trusts and estates law firm a call at (601) 925-9797 and schedule a complimentary consultation with the mention of this video.

Hirra Amin – 2013 Student Speaker – 844-292-1318 Mississippi legal aid

Hirra Amin (’13), elected by the Class of 2013
Introduced by Prof. Susan Markus

Hirra Amin was born in Pakistan and raised in Queens, New York. A product of the New York City educational system, Hirra went to public schools throughout her life and graduated from Hillcrest High School in Jamaica, Queens. She attended Queens College and received her B.A. in English. She earned a Post-Bachelor’s diploma in paralegal studies from New York University before coming to CUNY School of Law. Hirra has interned at Queens Legal Services’ Family Law and Immigration Unit and at the Asian American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, working in the Immigrant Rights and Post-9/11 Civil Liberties and Economic Justice for Workers Programs. She has served as president of the Middle Eastern Law Students Association. She participated in the Economic Justice Project, the Creating Law Enforcement and Accountability (CLEAR) project, and the Immigrant & Non-Citizen Rights Clinic. She plans to use her degree to aid her fellow immigrants by practicing immigration law and being the most efficient, knowledgeable, sought-after immigration attorney this side of the Mississippi.

CUNY School of Law 2013 Commencement
May 17, 2013
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U.S. Executives Urge Repeal Of New Controversial Mississippi Law – 844-292-1318 Mississippi legal aid

On Wednesday, Executives of numerous major U.S. corporations pressed Mississippi to repeal a new state law that allows businesses the ability to deny wedding services to same-sex couples for religious reasons. The measure, which also allows employers to cite ideologies of faith in setting workplace policies on dress code, hygiene, and bathroom access, was signed into law on Tuesday by Republican Governor Phil Bryant. Bryant praised the statute – the most recent in a series of state laws opposed by LGBT residents – as designed to “protect sincerely held religious beliefs and moral convictions … from discriminatory action by state government.”


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