Concord forbids Tea Party protest – New Hampshire – 844-292-1318 New Hampshire legal aid

Sponsor: http://HomelandStupidity.US – A demonstration you might never have heard of if it hadn’t been banned. Anti-Obamacare demonstration forbidden by Concord government, similar demonstration regulated in Rochester.

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Party in the Netherlands; all you need to know (French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese subs) – 844-292-1318 New Hampshire legal aid

Unity video: Are you planning to join us at a party in the Netherlands? Here’s what you need to know about our drug law, drug checking, door policy, first aid and drug potency. Enjoy!
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Kampus Kangaroo Kourt - The Fiamengo File Episode 9

The Fiamengo File, weekly on Studio Brulé.

Sex is dangerous for male students. An accusation from an angry female ex-partner can lead to the total destruction of his life in the Kangaroo courts set up at every university in North America. The male student has no legal rights and the word of his accuser is often enough “evidence” to find him guilty.

In Episode 9 Professor Fiamengo sends a warning to the boys mothers, many of whom are feminists.

Links and References:

US dept of justice

Columbia U

The Fainting Couch at Columbia

“Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative”


International Violence Against Women Act
The International Violence Against Women Act of 2015 (I-VAWA) is proposed legislation to address violence against women through United States foreign policy. The legislation was introduced in the 114th United States Congress in March, 2015.
According to Wendy McElroy, a research fellow at The Independent Institute, the Act “constitutes a 5-year redirection of foreign aid funds in order to insert politically-correct feminism into the structure of other nations” and “revictimizes every male victim by denying his existence.”
“We cannot rest until every woman and girl around the world is protected against unconscionable acts of violence by groups like Boko Haram, and we praise bipartisan leaders of Congress for joining together to demand action,”

White House Council on Women and Girls

White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault

Grants to Reduce Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, and Stalking on Campus Program Department of Justice. OVW

.5 Million has been awarded for 2015

Judith Grossman

Kangaroo court

Dedicated New York State police unit to tackle campus sex assault

A Voice For Male Students


FF 016