Mobile Legal Aid Rally Brikama Gambia – 844-292-1318 legal aid Mobile Alabama

This is a short tour of a working Mobile Legal Aid clinic funded by the EU Access to Justice and Legal Education Project in Brikama, The Gambia. Shows publicity rally and one-on-one consultations of locals with National Agency for Legal Aid (NALA) paralegals and lawyers who render problem solving consultations and referrals to ADR, Sharia counseling, social services representatives, NGOs and the Female Lawyers Association Gambia.

England: Protesters rally against further cuts to legal aid – 844-292-1318 California legal aid

England: Protesters rally against further cuts to legal aid

C/U sign that reads, “Justice for Trayvon Martin, Jimmy Mubenga, and Prisoners on Hunger Strike in California and Guantanamo”

W/S rally with flag that reads, “Haladane society of socialist lawyers”

C/U human rights lawyer, Shami Chakrabarti, UPSOUND, “I am here to celebrate! I am here to celebrate legal aid, not to mourn its death.”

W/S rally

M/S signs that read, “Save Justice, Justice is not for sale”

M/S of Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn, “Well, it is ideological to take away people’s rights to justice, it is ideological to attack the right of anyone to get their fair, free day in court. That is why we are here.”

W/S Musicians playing the guitar and singing

C/U banner that reads, “Justice Alliance, celebrating 64 years of legal aid”

W/S demonstrators holding up sign that reads, “Defend legal aid”

C/U court placard that reads, “Central Criminal Court”

W/S Old Bailey Central Criminal Court


England: Protesters rally against further cuts to legal aid

Around one thousand protesters gathered outside the historic Old Bailey Central Criminal Court in London, Tuesday, to commemorate the 64th anniversary of legal aid, as well as to protest the government’s plan to cut the provision of legal assistance.

The rally was organised by the Justice Alliance, a newly formed coalition of over 70 organisations who say they are committed to improving the UK’s justice system. Many demonstrators used recent international legal cases such as the Trayvon Martin trial as examples of defective legal systems.

The government’s proposed cuts will effectively privatise the legal system, making it difficult for people undergoing financial hardship to get representation and the decision to seek justice will become based on whether you can afford it or not. The cuts would also restrict people protesting for fear of how much it would cost them if they got arrested while at a rally like the one organised Tuesday. According to demonstrators, the UK’s legal system will begin to more closely mimic that of the United States, if legal aid is abolished.
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Oath Keepers Rally in NH 10/14/2010 – 844-292-1318 New Hampshire legal aid

As most of you know, on Thursday 10/14/2010 there was a hearing held at the Rochester Family Division Court in Dover, NH regarding the New Hampshire DCYF action of taking a newborn child from her parents, John Irish and Stephanie Taylor. Oath Keepers held a rally outside the courthouse during the hearing in support of the right of freedom of association and freedom of speech, as well as in support of the due process rights of the parents. The reason this became such a national issue, and thus the reason we were there, is because DCYF justified its actions in part because of the father’s “association” with Oath Keepers (he had been a forum user on our free-to-the-public Ning social network). The event sparked national attention after a video was posted on Youtube of the father explaining the ordeal. In addition to Oath Keepers who traveled from as far away as North Carolina, the rally attracted several other liberty groups and individuals from the North East.

The closed court session was not attended by any of the rally participants, and the participants in the hearing are prohibited from discussing what went on, but it was clear from the smiles on the faces of the parents as they came out that they were very happy with the outcome. You can get a very good sense of the outcome from the below linked mainstream media articles and videos, so we will let those news reports speak for themselves:

Baby girl taken after birth returned to parents

Father Happy With Court’s Decision Over Child Custody

And from David Codrea

“David Codrea, who also writes the Gun Rights Examiner (, is a long-time supporter of Oath Keepers and is a very consistent and effective voice for not just the right to keep and bear arms, but for the entire range of rights protected by our Bill of Rights. His work is highly recommended reading.”

We Oath Keepers were very pleased with how the entire day went, and despite the occasional bump and minor drama, it truly was a GOOD DAY. in a followup post we will have more to say about the rally, and also about how wonderful it was to work with a very squared away Sheriff and his deputies who followed their oaths and respected the rights of the rally participants.

As for our demand to New Hampshire DCYF to remove the name of Oath Keepers from the affidavit, we have yet to receive any official confirmation that our request was honored (since this was a closed proceeding, it is hard to officially confirm whether that was done during the hearing). We hope to secure that official confirmation soon. Meanwhile, until we do get that confirmation, we will continue to research our full legal options, including a possible Section 1983 claim for violation of civil rights, or perhaps a defamation claim in state court. As I have stated from the start, if we go forward with such claims, I intend to serve as one of the named counsel, but yesterday I also spoke to a couple of excellent New Hampshire lawyers who are very interested in assisting in such a case, and this next week I will be speaking to several other highly skilled, very experienced, and nationally known constitutional law litigators from the DC area about our options. It was high time we assembled a stellar legal team of patriotic, constitutionalists lawyers anyway. Whether we actually pursue formal legal action in this case is largely now up to the employees of the state of New Hampshire — what they do or do not do will make our decision for us.

Stewart Rhodes
Founder of Oath Keepers

Hillary Clinton Slams Nigel Farage After Ex-UKIP Leader’s Attack At Donald Trump Rally – 844-292-1318 Mississippi legal aid

Hillary Clinton Slams Nigel Farage After Ex-UKIP Leader’s Attack At Donald Trump Rally
Hillary Clinton Slams Nigel Farage After Ex-UKIP Leader’s Attack At Donald Trump Rally
Hillary Clinton Slams Nigel Farage After Ex-UKIP Leader’s Attack At Donald Trump Rally

Hillary Clinton has launched a scathing attack on Nigel Farage, linking him to a “rising tide of hardline, right-wing nationalism” and accusing him of being a Vladimir Putin-style extremist. Ms Clinton’s attack on the former leader of the UK Independence Party (Ukip), comes after he shared a platform with Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for President of the US, in Jacksonville, Mississippi on Thursday. Mr Farage, who was introduced as the man who orchestrated Brexit by Mr Trump, had said he would not vote for the Democratic presidential hopeful even if he was paid to do so. But responding to his comments at rally in Nevada, Ms Clinton accused the former Ukip chief of having “stoked anti-immigrant sentiments” during the European Union referendum campaign. Mr Farage was widely condemned at the time for appearing in front of a “Breaking Point” poster showing a vast queue of refugees stretching into the distance. “Just yesterday one of Britain’s most prominent right-wing leaders, a man named Nigel Farage, who stoked anti-immigrant sentiments to win the referendum to have Britain leave the European Union, campaigned with Donald Trump in Mississippi,” added Ms Clinton. “Farage has called for a bar on the children of legal immigrants from public schools and health services, has said women are and I quote ‘worth less’ than men and supports scrapping laws that prevent employers from discriminating based on race.
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