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Legal Aid Foundation - Public Service Announcement - Santa Monica CityTV - PSA

This is our Emmy nominated PSA that was produced for the Legal Aid Foundation through CityTV’s Digital PSA program. The program is a partnership with Women in Film and pairs a volunteer creative team of producer, director and writer with a local charity to create a high quality PSA. The Emmy Awards will be announced on August 6, 2011. Congratulations to the Legal Aid Foundation team, Director Sarah Elgart, Producer Sonya Blake, Writer Alison Marek and Associate Producer Karolyn Szot for a job well done!
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Santa Clarita Woman Fights To Die With Dignity — Christy O’Donnell On KHTS – Santa Clarita – 844-292-1318 New Mexico legal aid

Santa Clarita Woman Fights To Die With Dignity -- Christy O'Donnell On KHTS - Santa Clarita Santa Clarita Woman Fights To Die With Dignity — Christy O’Donnell On KHTS – Santa Clarita

A Santa Clarita woman leading the fight for the right to die with dignity, has vowed to appeal a California judge’s dismissal of a suit asserting the California constitution and state law allow terminally ill adults the option of medical aid in dying.

Compassion & Choices has won two similar suits asserting state law and/or state constitution allow medical aid in dying in Montana in 2009 and New Mexico in 2014. Compassion & Choices is providing legal advice in a similar, current suit filed in Tennessee.

The terminally ill lead plaintiff in the California suit, Valencia resident Christy O’Donnell, a Christian, Republican, single mom, civil rights attorney and former LAPD sergeant, is dying from brain, liver, lung, rib, and spine cancer. Christy cried after she watched the judge announce the dismissal of the case at end of the hearing.

“This is not the outcome I had prayed for, but as a lawyer, I am confident the appeals court will see our case in a different light,” said O’Donnell, who turned 47 Friday and lives in Santa Clarita with her 21-year-old daughter, Bailey. “I don’t have much time left to live and that is why I support all end-of-life options, whether they are authorized by litigation or legislation. These options are urgent for me.”

The ruling came a few weeks after Superior Court Judge Gregory Pollack granted the plaintiffs’ motion to expedite review of the case because doctors say O’Donnell, who is morphine intolerant, is likely to die in agony within a few months if she cannot utilize medical aid in dying.




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Santa Clarita Woman Fights To Die With Dignity — Christy O’Donnell On KHTS – Santa Clarita

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Presentation by John Greacen at 2010 California Conference on Self-Represented Litigants
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