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Jagmeet Singh Affirms his Support for Legal Aid Lawyers

Jagmeet Singh stood up in the legislature last week, affirming his support for the invaluable service that Legal Aid Ontario provides to the province.

“The size of your bank account should not determine your access to justice. Marginalized, vulnerable people should have access to high-quality legal representation, and that is why legal aid is so important in our society.”
“Socio-economic status must remain irrelevant to an individual’s ability to obtain high-quality and professional legal representation.”

Along with his belief in the importance of Legal Aid, Jagmeet made it clear, that the right to collective bargaining should extend to the lawyers who operate under the service of Legal Aid Ontario.

“These duty counsel lawyers, employed directly by Legal Aid Ontario, deserve to be treated fairly and enjoy the same rights as other public sector lawyers, including the right to collectively bargain.”
One week after standing in the Legislature, declaring his support for Legal Aid, and the lawyers who work towards promoting the principles he believes in, Jagmeet officially calls on the Ontario government to address the shortcomings in their relationship with Legal Aid lawyers, with respect to collective bargaining.
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