RV “Boondocking” & WATER – How to Stretch It Out – 844-292-1318 Alaska legal aid

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VAPING WITH WATER?? – 844-292-1318 Washington legal aid


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So I got a couple Ecapple water vaporizer attachments to use, so I thought i’d break them down and see how well they function! Didn’t really want to do a normal product review for these. They deserved something different! 😛

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Legally Blonde: Blood in the Water – 844-292-1318 Indiana legal aid

Blood in the Water from the broadway musical Legally Blonde

Now when you choose a law career
The moment you embark
There is that joke you’re bound hear
A lawyer is a shark

Ignore that, it’s simplistic and it’s dumb
Only some of you will turn out sharks, just some
The rest are chum

Our topic is blood in the water
Kids, it’s time you faced
Law school is a waste
Oh yes, unless you acquire a taste for

Blood in the water
Dark and red and raw
You’re nothing until the thrill of the kill
Becomes your only law

(spoken) Mr. . . . Shultz , hypothetical question.
Would you be willing to defend the following banker accused of fraud?

(sung) A kind old grandma took her savings and she sent it
Off to your client, all she saved since she was born
Well he promised to invest it, but he spent it
On prostitutes and heroine and porn

(spoken) No, I would not want to take that case!

Wrong! This one is a win unless you’re lazy
Grandma’s broke; she’ll have some hack from legal aid!
Put her on the stand and call her old and crazy
Your guy goes free and he can get you high and laid

Look for the blood in the water
Read your Thomas Hobbs
Only spineless snobs
Will quarrel with the morally dubious jobs

Yes, blood in the water
Your scruples are a flaw

(spoken) Ms. . . . Hupes, hypothetical question.
Would you be the right lawyer for the following client?

(sung) Say they offer you a bundle for defending
A famous hit man for the mafia elite
Seems he missed his chosen prey
Killed a nun and drove away
Running over three cute puppies in the street

(spoken) What, you think I wouldn’t defend him just because he’s a typical man?

(spoken) Oh, you lesbians think you’re so tough

(spoken) But–

Oh dear, I fear my comment has offended
Hard to argue, though, when you’re too mad to speak
Your employment will be very quickly ended
When they see how your emotions make you weak

So what’s my point? I run a billion dollar law firm!
And I hire four new interns every year
From this class I will select four young sharks whom I respect
And those four will have a guaranteed career
Do you follow me?

So I wanna see . . . What?

Blood in the water

Exactly, let the games begin


Four of you will win


But just those four with the dorsal fin
Yes, blood in the water
So fight and scratch and claw

(spoken) Yes, Miss, uh

(spoken) Woods, Elle Woods

(spoken) Someone’s had their morning coffee.
Would you summarize the case of State of Indiana v. Hurn in your reading?

(spoken) Oh, I wanted to answer the puppy question?

(spoken) But I’m asking you about the assigned reading.

(spoken) Okay, who assigns reading for the first day of class?

(spoken) You have guts, Ms. Woods. Ms. . . . Kenzington

(sung) Let’s say you teach a class at Harvard Law School
A position that you’re justly proud about
But a girl on whom you call hasn’t read the case at all
Should you let it go or–

(spoken) No! I’d throw her out!

All right, then.
You have heard your classmate
You have just been killed
She cut your throat, so grab your coat
Yes, you’ve got guts but

Now there’s spilled your
Blood in the water

So would you please withdraw
And if you return
Be ready to learn
Or is it unfair?
Oh, wait I don’t care!
That’s just how I rule
In life and in school
With fear and shock and gall

You’re nothing until

Blood in the water

The thrill of the kill

Blood in the water

Becomes your only law

Blood in the water

Your only law

Blood in the water

Your only law

Blood in the water
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Sharmila Murthy: Re-Examining Water and Ethnic Conflict in Central Asia – 844-292-1318 Tennessee legal aid

Sharmila Murthy, a Fellow at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, delivers her speech at the Realizing the Goal of Water for Life: Lessons from Around the World conference at NLU Delhi, India.

Sharmila L. Murthy is a Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, where she co-leads the Human Rights to Water and Sanitation Program at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy. She also serves as the Lead Investigator of the Water Sector for the “Project on Innovation and Access to Technologies for Sustainable Development,” an inter-disciplinary research project with the Sustainability Science Program at the Mossavar‐Rahmani Center for Business and Government. Her research focuses primarily on South Asia, the Middle East and Central Asia. She received her JD from Harvard Law School, her Master in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School, and Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources from Cornell University. She clerked for the Honorable Martha Craig Daughtrey on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, was a Skadden Fellow with the Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands, and was also a U.S. Fulbright Scholar in India. In the fall of 2013, Sharmila will be joining the faculty of Suffolk University Law School in Boston as an Assistant Professor.
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Water Transfers & Water Banking – 844-292-1318 New Mexico legal aid

In 2003, two state laws were passed affecting acequias. One was the water transfer law, which gave acequia commissions the duty to regulate acequia water transfers. This law allows acequias to determine whether or not the transfer would be detrimental to the overall well being of the community and render a decision accordingly.

The other law that passed in 2003 was the water banking law, which allows acequias to set up a “water bank” in which parciantes can temporarily add their water rights to the Acequia’s water bank. This law was enacted in order to prevent loss of acequia water rights from non-use.

These two topics were discussed in depth at this workshop. Attorney David Benavides, New Mexico Legal Aid, presented information about these laws and how they affect acequias.
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Investigation continues as water bills continue – 844-292-1318 Kentucky legal aid

FORT MITCHELL, Ky. (Rich Jaffe) — Another month, another billing cycle and more water bills northern Kentucky homeowners said they can’t afford.

The bills are being delivered to people who live in mobile homes. There’s good news and bad news in the update. The good news is according to SSK, they may have found the 35,000 gallon a day leak underneath Beechwood Mobile Home Park in Ft. Mitchell. The bad news is for residents there and in the other mobile home parks owned by SSK, sky high water rates continue to be a problem.

The “call before you dig” guys were following underground utility lines around Beechwood Mobile Home Park Wednesday in advance of what could be a massive dig to shut down a massive water leak. Owners of the property said escalating rates were partially due to that leak which may have been going on for years.

Shirley Bishop just got her bill Tuesday, water and sewage last month cost her 5.

When asked what she thought about the water bills Bishop said, “My jaw dropped, thought ‘Why is it still increasing?’ Cause I originally thought with the water shut off that they had found the leak and it was fixed, but it still went up.”

Park owners SSK Communities has been looking for the leak since Local 12 News began asking about the residents’ high water bills on August 25. But residents in many other SSK parks are paying similar rates. Some on fixed incomes say they can’t afford it.

The Northern Kentucky Water District supplies water to each park, but the park has put meters on each home and they control the price. August 25, park owner Nathan Smith told Local 12 they actually lose money on the water bills.

He said, “We’re by no means making money on the water. Never have and nothing would make us happier than for the water bill to go down because this is very concerning to us. Because we know the residents have a certain amount of money to spend on the utility on any property. It’s part of their income and it’s always been concerning to us.”

Wednesday, attorneys from Northern Kentucky Legal Aid met with a group of residents to see if they have any legal recourse. Local 12 agreed not to film the meeting but residents say they’re encouraged.

Adele Nichols explained, “I feel like somebody that knows the law might get involved in it. I pay my bills, I don’t care but I don’t want to pay something I shouldn’t be paying. And I don’t want to see other people in that position.”

There’s an interesting legal loophole in the situation. In order to make profit selling water, which SSK says they’re not doing, SSK would have to be registered as a utility in the state of Kentucky. Local 12 checked with the public service commission and they’re not but because it’s private property what they’re doing is not considered “providing water service to the public.” That means the rates are not regulated so the company can charge whatever they want.

Repair work is scheduled to start Thursday, Sept. 18.

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@rajaffe and LIKE him on Facebook
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Vlog: Improving strap; history; Legal Aid no help; LaborMAX; Water Park; Boise Bicycle; Idaho – 844-292-1318 Idaho legal aid

I’m a little disappointed in Legal Aid. I don’t see anything they can help me with.

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