Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey — along with Kathy Shelton, whose rapist was represented by Hillary Clinton when Clinton was running a legal aid clinic at the University of Arkansas, has partly been about painting the Clintons as a unit and attaching Hillary Clinton to her husband as a sort-of Bonnie and Clyde of perversion, greed and corruption.

But it has also been a weapon in the campaign’s crusade against what many Trump supporters believe is a corrupt media that is working in lockstep with the Clinton campaign to ensure Clinton captures the White House at all costs.

A rebuke to the media, for focusing on accusations against Trump and ignoring accusations against the Clintons.
Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades and rape accusation are once again taking center stage in the 2016 presidential election. The massive truth bomb just dropped by one of his mistresses might just shatter Hillary. (Read More)

Gennifer Flowers had a 12-year affair with Bill Clinton, During an interview with the Daily Mail, Flowers said she now regrets saying no to Bill begging for them to talk one last time before the split. Gennifer said she is sure the would still be together if Hillary had not gotten pregnant with Chelsea. Oh yeah, and Hillary is bi-sexual!
“We have some unresolved issues that it would be nice to sit down and talk about now.

He was the love of my life and I was the love of his life and you don’t get over those things,” Gennifer Flowers said about Bill Clinton.

Flowers became the most well-known mistress of all time in America after her affair with Bill Clinton made headlines. Bill denied having cheated on Hillary for many months, but ultimately was forced to admit to the sexual relationship with Flowers.

“If we had the opportunity to sit down and visit with each other in person, I’m not saying the romance would be rekindled but we will always have something. Whatever you might call it. Bill and I would be together today if it wasn’t for politics.

It was me, Bill, and Hillary. Then they had Chelsea and the stakes got too high,” Gennifer Flowers also said.

Flowers was asked to pose for Penthouse magazine after the Bill Clinton affair. She was ultimately featured in the December 1992 issue of the magazine.

The One Video Hillary Didn’t Want Released Before November 8th,

“He called me back in 2005 in New Orleans. He wanted to put on the hoodie and jog on over like he used to,” Gennifer Flowers said about Bill Clinton.

Before the alleged phone call she and the former president had not spoken for 13 years.

“First I was just shocked. He was so adamant about wanting to sit down and talk to me in person,” Flowers added. “It almost seemed like what I had heard of people who were going through a 12-step program and wanted to atone to people for various things.”

While Bill was trying to deny he and Gennifer Flowers had been a secret couple, Hillary went into attack mode. As previously reported by the Angry Patriot, Hillary has made a habit out of trying to demean any of Bill’s female sexual assault accusers and mistresses in public.

Gennifer really sent the Internet into a tizzy when she commented about Huma situation, stating, “I don’t know Huma or the Weiners. I just know what Bill told me and that was that he was aware that Hillary was bisexual and he didn’t care. He should know. ‘He said Hillary had eaten more p***y than he had.”

Hillary’s character assassination attempts are disgusting and prove she only believes rape victims should be believed and supported when they have not been victim’s of her husband.

The personal attacks on Flowers were repeated years later when Monica Lewinsky was also outed as a Clinton mistress

leaked video

Donald TRUMP vs hILLARY Clinton,

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