Children and Divorce (Representing Yourself in Court) – Monroe County – 844-292-1318 legal aid Tuscaloosa Alabama

Chapters 9-11 – “Children and Divorce” of “Family Matters: Choosing to Represent Yourself in Court”. Covering topics including mediation & counseling (2:37), parenting time (visitation) and completing child support forms (4:10). Video developed by (c) 2008 Indiana Supreme Court Division of State Court Administration. (Monroe County)
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Representing Yourself in Small Claims Court in Indiana – 844-292-1318 Indiana legal aid

Note: This informational video applies to small claims filed in all Indiana counties EXCEPT Marion County. See our video on representing yourself in Marion County Small Claims Courts here:

This video is designed to inform you of your rights and responsibilities in small claims court proceedings throughout Indiana. Small claims cases are a special type of civil case in which the amount the plaintiff wishes to recover is ,000 or less. Indiana has developed a way to handle these cases in court, using a speedier and more formal procedure than that used for other types of civil cases. This video provides information about your responsibilities in court and the procedures you should follow if you choose to represent yourself in an Indiana small claims court.

The information here should not be considered legal advice. Only a practicing attorney can provide you with legal advice.


“Cómo Representarse a sí Mismo en la Corte Para Demandas de Cuantía Menor de Indiana” le informará de sus derechos y responsabilidades, y la dará información que la ayudará a tomar decisiones sobre su caso de cuantía menor. Las demandas de cuantía menor sun up tipo especial de caso civil donde el importe que el demandante busca recuperar es de ,000 o menos. Indiana ha establecido una manera particular para tramitar esos casos en la corte, mediante un procedimiento más rápido e informal que la mayoría de otros tipos de casos judiciales.

La información que se presenta aquí no debe considerarse como consejo legal. Solamente los abogados en ejercicio pueden brindar asesoría legal.

Este video le informará de sus derechos y responsabilidades en todos los cortes para demandas de cuantía menor en Indiana.
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The Legal System: Helping Yourself – 2015 Edition – 844-292-1318 Texas legal aid

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The Lubbock County Bar Association and Texas Legal Services Center today released The Legal System: Helping Yourself, a nine minute self-help video that prepares a pro-se (or self-represented) litigant on what to expect when going to civil court.

The video is available for viewing through the popular website, which is dedicated to providing free, reliable legal information to those who cannot afford legal help or qualify for legal aid.

“The Legal System: Helping Yourself premieres at a crucial time for low-income Texans who need civil legal assistance,” said Judge Judy Parker, Presiding Judge, Lubbock County Court at Law 3, who is featured in the video. “This is a valuable resource for Texans who face the daunting prospect of going to court without an attorney.”

Judge Parker points out that according to the American Bar Association, due to a lack of resources, only about 20 to 25 percent of the civil legal needs of low-income and poor Texans are being met.

Gary Bellair of the Lubbock County Bar Association says, “We were careful to reinforce in the video that people should hire a qualified attorney to handle their legal matter, if possible.” But he points out that for those who cannot afford an attorney or qualify for legal aid, the video highlights the self-help resources, including a live chat feature with an attorney, available on

Administered by Texas Legal Service Center, is a website visited by more than 300,000 unique visitors last year. It provides video resources such as The Legal System: Helping Yourself, along with free do-it-yourself civil legal forms, and important court information. also provides “interactive” interviews that help individuals create professional-looking legal documents. Divorce without Children, Divorce with Children, and Protective Order packets are already available on the site.

Judge Parker says the video and resources will save courts, and pro-se litigants, money. “Better prepared self-represented litigants means less burden on the court system,” she said. “We anticipate there will be fewer documents filed incorrectly.”

The video, live chat, and interactive forms are part of a Self-Represented Litigants Project (SRLP) grant, funded by the Texas Access to Justice Foundation. The grant also supports two self-help legal workstations in the Lubbock County Law Library, which is adjacent to the Lubbock County Courthouse. The workstations act as a portal to and enable people without Internet connection to access the website’s free legal information.

The SRLP project is part of a national trend to address the growing number of litigants in civil matters who are representing themselves.

This video has been updated. Date of Last Update 10/13/2015