The Great War And The Ancient World – 844-292-1318 legal aid Daphne Alabama

Prof. Suzanne Marchand presents ‘The Great War and the Ancient World’. The First World War has been rightly called ‘the first modern war’—but Europeans came into it deeply and richly versed in the literature, history, imagery, and languages of the ancient world. This lecture treats the impact of the war on European classical ideals, imagery, and education, extending its inquiries into the interwar period.

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  1. One thing that puzzles me, why show the mansions of Southern slave holders as if they were somehow in conflict with the ideals of the ancient world? Slavery was universal in ancient Greece, in fact one its greatest philosophers, Aristotle, said that slavery was not only good but necessary for civilisation.

    The ancient world was a horrific place in contrast to modernity. Life was brutal, short and full of pain for most people. It really was another world, not just another country.

  2. Goethezeit sounds like Goedeside as in killing a Goethe 😉
    Varusschlacht schlägt die Hände über dem Kopf zusammen Walrus or Varus ^^

    The claim that mostly British soldiers had an affinity for Homer as a refuge I heartily question, despite her claims to thoroughly having researched the matter, if you just for a moment think about the humanistic higher education so many generations were forced to go through in their teens, having forced upon them Ancient Greek and Latin to than at this very young age be fed to the meatgrinder on the frontlines. Blackadder provides a few somewhat fitting episodes (covering this period of time). 🙂

    Dass es eher den Briten zum Homer getrieben haben soll darf ich getrost trotzdem bezweifeln, auch wenn sie meint ausführlich geforscht zu haben. Ich denke an die humanistischen Gymnasien, Generationen den das Altgriechisch und Latein eingeprügelt wurde, die blutjung in den Fleischwolf an der Front getrieben wurden.
    Blackadder hat dazu einige passende Folgen. :)

  3. quite interesting. next time please research the german pronunciation better when doing a lecture where it plays such a central role. i as a native speaker could hardly guess what you meant most of the time.

  4. No war is good,its a failure of peace and solving problems.
    Look up peter joseph defing peace
    Knowledge is emergent,a continuum,out dated culture is what holds us back.
    Natural laws dont give a rats ass what we believe
    You get hit by a car and want to live, Do you
    A: call a philosopher
    B: call a priest
    C: call a doctor
    Why that one?
    Just saying,critcal thought game for you to play with,debate yourself :p
    What about Smedly D Butler war is a racket,is that a good war?
    Fuck war
    Science is what has change the world,what good is a democracy if people are starving?
    War and freewill lol ,as if fear never plays its role
    Fear is not a freewill,its a influence that chages or,can change the out come of the choice for better or worse.
    War is not an adventure its a blood bath.

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