The Terrifying Globalist Agenda & Why Voting Trump is the Answer (3/3) – 844-292-1318 New Mexico legal aid

The Terrifying Globalist Agenda & Why Voting Trump is the Answer (3/3)

A frightening look at what the globalists have envisioned for the world. Its not pretty! Globalists are flooding Europe AND America with third world immigrants for no logical reason.

Part 1 (Trump, Hillary, Obama)

Part 2 (Islamic Threat)

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John Kerry Commencement Speech

Big Think

The Truth About Brexit (Paul Joseph Watson)

Nigel Farage Talking About EU Army

Muslims Talk About Taking Over Buckingham Palace

France Refugees

France Riots

Dearborn Michigan

David Cameron Multiculturalism Speech

Migration Routes

RT Gadafi Documentary Gold Standard

Trump 300 Parody


Multiculturalism History

David Cameron Multiculturalism Failed

Merckel MultiCulturalism Has Failed

French President Multiculturalism Failed

Multiculturalism Has Failed, Says French President

Gadafi Warns of Refugee Invasion

Gadafi Syas Europe Will Go Black

Moammar Gaddafi warned Europe, “If I go down, Europe goes black”

Africa Rape Billboard
Audio: UN minister for women’s issues, Margot Wallström, laughs at Swedish victims of Muslim rape

Unaccompanied Minors At Border

Illegal Women, Kids Swarm Border

Illegal women, kids swarm US via Mexico after home countries report Obama ‘amnesty,’ free legal aid

Scottish Politician Charged With Hate Crime

Will Gop Stop Obama Border Crisis

Ten Ice Agents Sue Obama Administration

Somali Immigrants!

Massachusetts Mayor
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BEST UFO Sightings SUMMER 2016! UFOs Caught On Camera 7/2/2016

LookNowTV Presents! UFO videos worldwide June 2016! UFO videos from New York, Mexico, and Europe! From Triangle UFOs to a Flying Saucers Shaped Disc filmed in Europe. You’ll see these UFO videos with heavy video analysis. Check it out!!! Let’s take a closer LOOK!
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SOUURCE Vic Ninjain # 2)
SOURCE 1) MUFON # 76358…
SOURCE 2) Indonesian UFO Sighting MUFON CASE # 68460
The Oregon UFO Video SOURCE:

NASA: Massive Blackhole
SOURCE UFO Sighting # 1)
SOUURCE Vic Ninjain # 2)
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39 thoughts on “The Terrifying Globalist Agenda & Why Voting Trump is the Answer (3/3) – 844-292-1318 New Mexico legal aid”

  1. I did not know that Cameron and Merkel have renounced their original plan. How did I miss this? I thought they were still singing Kumbaya.

  2. Europe is fucked. They simply cannot ever come back unless they enforce mass deportation, and we know that it will never happen.

  3. Fuck that Big Think bitch. I truly believe that this election is the most important in American history. Oops, I bet that sounds too right wing.

  4. People we have our quota of homeless, hungry, pissed off, and poor. We don't need to import them.


  6. Hahaha! A World without borders will happen because it has to happen. It doesn't matter if you think otherwise, but if so then console yourself that you will probably be dead by time it happens – i.e. you are part of the problem, so die already.

  7. Refugess in America/Europe are only going to make things worse and tank their economy. Their are millions of hard working mexicans who have come through legal route and have gone through long paperwork to become citizens, even though these are the folks doing the most tiresome work, be it construction or farm jobs, they are the backbone of American domestic agricultural production. Indians and chinese students, who after graduating pay an average of 30-40k in yearly taxes have to wait for 5-10 years just for green card.

    Immigration has benefited american society, but it has to be in a controlled manner. The control to throttle and even stop immigration depending upon domestic needs is a right of american citizens. Though globalists will do everything to change the demography of citizens,

  8. The only opposition to Globalist agenda is white people, so the globalists will do everything to destroy white race. I am a brown guy and I would love to live in a white country, with white majority, provided, I can contribute to their society and economy and not leech on their society. Because no matter how racist it may sound, but whites are better than other races when it comes to build a society and a country.

    And those of you, who are going to call me a white a#$ li$%er, I ask you, what would you choose ?
    1.) Living in America/Eurpoe
    2.) Living in Iran/Sudan/Nigeria

    If your answer is 1.), then stop fuc@#ng changing Europe into Iran/Sudan, because when all white people are gone, you will be back to same shit-hole you left.

  9. The Nazis never wanted to control Europe. They simply wanted to take back the bits of Germany given to other countries during the Versailles conference. They invaded Poland because the Polish were ethnically cleansing Germans (in brutal fashion) from eastern Prussia.

    To put this in perspective – What would the USA do if the UN gave Texas to Mexico and Maine to Canada?

  10. I think our government is working with alien's and I think they took down the twin towers ,I've seen footage with no planes and a ball that zooms into the south tower, and look at the only Pentagon footage that was not a plane that did that,way too fast and low to the ground for a plane man

  11. I actually heard that they are us with increased evolution coming back from the future.who knows man,its obviously awesome to keep tabs on tho

  12. the one that you said you didn't think it was a building in the Bronx I think you said and I don't believe that it's a drone,it a UFO man,and I think its extraterrestrial observing us,u see them a lot around airports military bases and places

  13. I know they are all UFO's to us but I do think some are military, but I know that they all are not,I'm just stuck between wondering if they are actually from another planet,or from another dimension or something

  14. thanks for showing us real footage,a lot of people try to mess with our heads,but I have seen some activities, when I was little me n my mama,from upstate South Carolina by the way,but yea we seen one years ago it was just like a light with a red light going around it and it did this for a few mins and then it just shot off at hyper speed,and not just a couple weeks ago I seen a lot of them they made no sound and they were way lower than airplanes and they were going in different directions than planes go,they always go from Charlotte to Atlanta which from my perspective they fly from north east to south west,and these things were going all directions, all I can tell you is they make no sound they are moving fast and they are at way lower altitudes than planes and they fly in weird directions no patterns,and I couldn't make out any shape but they have very fast almost strobe lights,and they are fluorescent in color but they're almost a contestant light they are flashing so fast,I'll keep looking and hopefully I'll get some good footage for you bud

  15. Wow, the jump from is it a cloud straight to "or is it an alien vessel" is huge. You're either trying to hype nothing for internet hits (probable) or you honestly think an alien intelligence smart enough to travel the cosmos would hide under a lone cloud formation like Wile Coyote in a freaking cartoon.

  16. To author of video; It is a know fact among ufologists that UFO's try to cloak them selves in clouds of dust, chemtrails, exhausts so we can't see them. It is very true that chemtrail spraying project is a job done everyday by the US Air Force. Over our state too. At the end of the day my eyes are clogged with particules.
    The cigar shaped UFO is real! Also found in more close up and clear videos over New Jersey, and Philipinnes that you should view.

  17. 13:28 i say it looks like a traditional shaped kite. diamond with cross bars. it's drifting pattern and scale against the tree suggests it's close and slow moving.

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