Trump plays president in flood-ravaged Louisiana – 844-292-1318 Louisiana legal aid

Donald Trump and running mate Mike Pence toured the disaster zone while Pres. Obama continued to stay on vacation and Hillary Clinton took a day of rest from the campaign trail. Trump supporter Ben Carson goes ‘On the Record’
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20 thoughts on “Trump plays president in flood-ravaged Louisiana – 844-292-1318 Louisiana legal aid”

  1. Trump attracts people like moths to a flame, and by people I mean cretins. Hilary Clinton is a different heap of shit, but if you're voting for Trump remove the mirrors from your house so you don't catch a glance of yourself and vomit.

  2. Financial wisdom from Trump? Let's be honest here, there have been more bankruptcies attached to his name than there are sale items on Black Friday.

  3. Mr. Trump's visit to Louisiana is very commendable.

    I will leave aside the fact that back in 2005, when Hurricane Katrina
    inflicted far greater damage, private citizen Trump was nowhere to be
    seen, as far as any relief efforts, nor heard, as far as any
    concerns over the Government's response.

    So I will certainly give Donald the benefit of the doubt here, that he
    is NOT trying to exploit anyone's hardships for his own gain, and that
    he only wants to help people in their time of need-Even though private
    citizen Trump never lifted a finger to help them before…

  4. Some love to bash Trump but in the next breath promote and give that lying greedy thieving woman called killary! How in the world can eyes be so blasted blind? So because Donald doesn't kiss behinds,sound like the broken record we have year after year and we will be handed over if idiot woman gets in and where are you going to go then?

  5. Publicity scam and nothing more. Trump will exploit a sad situation just to get the publicity and some votes. He could care less for those people and only his base of fools think otherwise.

  6. I just don't know who are the bigger assholes, Trump and his family or the people that support them?

  7. Trump went there for a matter of seconds, when he was told not to, for a photo op. Yeah, good guy..

  8. this right here shows that trump is our savior and america will be great again….obama and hillary will continue to not care and america will remain doomed

  9. Trump didn't "play" president. Trump did nothing more that what "The President" SHOULD have been doing, helping. Had the president been doing this, it certainly would not have been on HIS dime. Imagine, Fox news playing news service, hysterical!

  10. Lol, So many ignorant uneducated trolls on here, Seriously if Donald Trump hated everyone I'm 99.9% sure he'd be playing on his golf course than doing Obama's job for him by providing supplies to house broken people after a devastating flood.

  11. The 'Never Trump' people are only worried about keeping their perks and all they get from lobbyists. Trump and Pence have vowed that once in power, pay to play is DEAD in the water. Obummer is busy playing golf and shuttling #CrookedHillary around the campaign trail in an aircraft payed for by the taxpayers, not the corrupt and crooked DNC.

  12. I thought that Tumpo dropped out already!! Didn't the Republicans replace him with some former CIA guy? The freaking orange buffoon is just splitting the Republican vote now. Surely the buffoon realizes he can't win. What the hell?

  13. As much as I hate Obama I have to say it is wrong to put the president down for not going to the scene of a disaster. It is standard procedure for the president not to go because it would pull resources away from relief efforts to protect the president. Trump should know that why attack the scum sucking pig licker president when he is running against Hillary. Donald don't start acting like the rest of them you have my vote if you are going to fix the trade agreements. Be professional and stay away from the sarcastic and ironic jokes, they don't go over well with lower IQ

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