Two Days of Dual Sport Moto in Moab, Utah #everide – 844-292-1318 Utah legal aid

A 400 mile road ride on our duals sports (DRZ and WR250R) led us to Moab, Utah, where we spent two very different days of riding.

For the full adventure, watch Minitwatch’s video! If you don’t watch this video, you’re missing out on a TON of details about our adventure!

Day one we spent riding Dead Calf Trail and the surrounding areas. Day two we rode to the Shafer Switchbacks from Potash road. Two vastly different days, vastly different terrain, yet all doable on the trusty, reliable, and extremely capable dual sport motorcycles!

Let me know what you think of the riding narration. I personally REALLY liked it. If it gets the go-ahead, I’ll use the style more often in the future.

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20 thoughts on “Two Days of Dual Sport Moto in Moab, Utah #everide – 844-292-1318 Utah legal aid”

  1. hi I heard you say special Edd teacher is that mean that you are or was a teacher for Autistic children please let me know and if yes it's my dream to relocate to Utah ­čÖé thanks Taylor you the best..´╗┐

  2. I want to start working on voice over videos. Do you have any suggestions? If not already, could you make a quick tip, how to video on your voice over technique and maybe a few pointers on your script writing? I am very curious! Keep up the great work man, love your content!´╗┐

  3. hey everide I have a question is a 2016 honda xr650l good bike for me I'm 6ft3 215 pounds is it good for trail riding´╗┐

  4. Tyler thanks for the great vid. I was in Moab in early October. Found out I was losing my job thanks to a facility closing and figured its now or never. Drove 2000+ miles from NJ one way solo and enjoyed every second of the 8 days I spent in Moab. Thanks for the additional vids with the drone, if just one person is as inspired by your video to go and see this for themselves they will realized whatever effort it takes to get there is worth it ! I cant wait to return ! Within the first 60 minutes on the trail every grueling minute of driving became worth it !´╗┐

  5. Skills I hadn't seen in your other vids I've watched. Well done. That first section was GGGnarly. I did 5500 miles on a FJR last Labor day mostly in CO. I'll be back this spring/fall with a DS bike for a better look. I also missed my bro in St.George´╗┐

  6. Wosh that is some stunning riding country would love to bring the brp and do some of that great pic and video too cheers for sharing Buck from Nz´╗┐

  7. Utah is wonderful. Great scenery, great trails, and some of the nicest people I've ever met. If I ever have to move out of Colorado, I'll be looking for a place in Utah.

    Couple of questions for you. What kind of tires did you guys use? My plated WR450 runs knobbies for the alpine stuff around here, but you guys spent a lot of time on pavement. Knobbies are perfect for loose stuff and mud but don't hold up well on asphalt.

    Also, were all the roads legal BLM and USFS trails? Did you guys purchase Utah OHV stickers for the ride?

    Let me close by complimenting you on a well done little video. The photography (including the fancy drone footage) was great and the score was pretty darned good, too. You need to sell it to the Moab Chamber of Congress.´╗┐

  8. This makes me sob. I am still, SO bummed I missed out on Potash Road. I am planning on returning, yet again, for Moab Retribution. Spring 2018. Gramma's House. Many Days.´╗┐

  9. how could you not like this?! maybe not your taste in music but oh my goodness, pot ash road…. it doesn't look too gnarly, i gotta get the bonnie out there! i wanted to plan to see zion next summer and a lot of utah, this just makes the decision that much easier.´╗┐

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