(UNCUT) Columbia, SC Deputy Armed Pig, Ben Fields, Brutally Attacks Child In School at Spring Valley – 844-292-1318 South Carolina legal aid

(Includes 3rd View at 0:14 ) Meet Ben Fields, World. On yesterday, October 26, 2015, this hulking ARMED Pig decided to brutally beat on a young Black child while she was sitting at her school desk. All because the child had, according to students in the classroom, met with the disapproval of her teacher because she had either briefly looked at her mobile phone or wouldn’t spit out her gum (Accounts vary at the time of this writing). What is clear is that this Armed pig, a 34-year-old power weight lifter whom regularly lifts upward of 600lbs. at a time, flung this little girl violently across a classroom full of horrified children, all of whom will be traumatized for the rest of their lives!!! Lt. #BenFields , who is the School Resource Officer (SRO) assigned to Spring Valley High School by the Richland County Sheriff’s Department, is the White officer grabbing the Black student by the arm as she sits in her desk. The officer pulls on her arm, moving the desk and the girl and then grabs hold of her shoulder and neck area. He turns over the desk, throwing it and the unnamed student to the ground. He then drags this child toward the door, pulling the desk along with her and then throws her out of it before jumping on top of her and pummeling her just to handcuff the child. This child “has a cast on her BROKEN arm, she has neck and back injuries, and She has a Band-Aid on her forehead where she suffered rug burn on her forehead,” Columbia lawyer Todd Rutherford told #ABC’s Good Morning America. THEN, to add insult to trauma and injury, he arrested her and another female child, Niya Kenney, whom dared to film him and speak up against his brutality. Both were handcuffed and placed under arrest for disturbing school, and Niya was arrested for recording the incident, the sheriff’s department says…Her Family had to pay ,000.00 to get her out of jail.

This holice, whom quickly deleted his #Twitter & Facebook accounts yesterday, has a reputation amongst the children in this area going years back, even to the point of his having had done the same thing to a pregnant child (SEE Link) https://twitter.com/FakeAsian__/status/658746896656310272 These poor children even had a name for the Devil incarnate: They call him “THE INCREDIBLE HULK.”

And he has also brutalized a U.$ . #Army #Vet , going to the point of saying “GET HER BLACK ASS!!!” (referencing the Womyn with the Vet),erasing her video footage of the arrest, and commenting that he was glad #JohnnieCochran was dead when advised by the victim that he would be taken to Court over his actions. His history matches this outburst (SEE Link) http://heavy.com/news/2015/10/ben-fields-richland-county-south-carolina-sheriff-deputy-spring-valley-high-school-photo-football-coach-bodybuilder-cop-student-desk-video-complaints/

A student in the classroom Tweeted his eyewitness account of the video, saying “to be clear,” the girl was “sitting quietly at her desk,” and did not provoke the deputy before the video started. Aaron Johnson said “nobody even knew what she did,” and why he grabbed her. “When i asked mr. Long (The Teacher) if he felt bad he said the girl should have cooperated. The officer came in because she wouldn’t leave the class when the teacher told her to. I still don’t know what she did to be asked to leave. The teacher was really quiet when discussing whatever she did. Whatever she did couldn’t have been that bad because nobody knew what it was. Apparently she was chewing gum. All of this because of fucking gum. Honestly fuck the school system.” (LINK) https://twitter.com/Aaron___J/with_replies Yeah Out of the mouths of babes. Watch the video in its entirety. Make up your own mind as to what happened.

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Todd Kohlhepp, the man arrested after a woman was found chained on his property in rural South Carolina, has been charged with multiple counts of murder.
On Sunday the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s website stated Kohlhepp faces four counts of murder and a single kidnapping charge. A bond hearing has been set.
According to Sheriff Chuck Wright, Kohlhepp confessed Saturday to being the shooter who killed four people at a motorcycle shop in 2003.
Wright said “God answered our prayers” in solving the 13-year-old cold case.
Also on Saturday, Wright says Kohlhepp also showed law enforcement officers the gravesites of two of his other victims buried on his 95-acre property near Woodruff.
That’s in addition to the body found Friday at the site. Wright and Coroner Rusty Clevenger identified that victim as 32-year-old Charles Carver. Carver is the boyfriend of the woman found in a locked metal container Thursday.
The sheriff says it’s possible more bodies will be uncovered.


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  1. Yeah, people are trying to let this die down. The girl is the only brave American in the room. Karma will catch Ben Fields. Car wreck, or identity theft. Fields is a worthless motherfucking pig… Nothing less and nothing more.. She was sitting there… He is a punk… That's oK , keep watching.

  2. I hope someone fucks that piece of shit up. What kind of pussy do you have to be to not only assault a female like that, but one so much smaller than you. That mother fucker is a pussy, and I don't give a fuck how strong he thinks he is, he ain't super man. Someone is going to wreck him. 

  3. I am a law abiding concealed carry permit holder. Had I been present, I would have feared for the young woman's life. For about four seconds it looked to me as if he had lost his mind and was going to kill the young girl. In that instant, i,would have been within my rights to shoot him. How many times ? I would have been legally able to shoot him and continue shooting until I considered the threat to be neutralized. If he is twitching, then the threat is not neutralized. I saw one pair of cops shoot a man just five miles away from the Missouri shooting. He was unarmed and they shot him 14 times. So, I guess about fourteen shots because that was a small, skinny black man and Fields is a large body-builder. I would not have been charged at all. I have the means to protect myself and those around me. Just watch this video. Tell me that this wasn't a deadly assault. And he has a history of this. The kids even called him "Slam". Well, they call me "Blam". They should call me "Blam, Blam, Blam, Blam, Blam,Blam, Blam, Blam, Blam, Blam, Blam, Blam, Blam, Blam"…. I have made a screenshot of fields address and phone number. I will phone to voice my disapproval while I still have a first amendment right. I will NOT threaten him as I have no intention of harming him outside of the four second interval in which he appeared to be in the act of killing someone. He broke her arm as it is. It looked like he could have easily broken her neck. What a disgusting human being and as sure as I am that I would not harm him in any way, I'd love to read that he burst into flames because God simply set him on fire…. I love and respect law officers and America… These people are a blight to our great society..

  4. She start to acting stupid and he doesnt want to play. she give him a reason and if you live in america there is a high chance to get a psychocop. if i dont want trouble i follow the instructions. then those type of cops dont get ugly. we need some cops of this type in germany for the muslim thugs and leftwinged radicals…

  5. What if Ben Fields killed the female student in cold blood? If that happens, her identity would be released to the public, and he would get the death penalty.

  6. holy crap i didnt know he broke her arm either. what a piece of shit. no wonder black people cant stand white folks. tired of seeing this garbage. also i cant say it in this case, but many of them are on steroids

  7. I don't know how ppl are raising their children now a days, but I do know that kids now are very disrespectful….I would be pissed if this were my son but then again, my son would NEVER disregard or disrespect anyone of authority…AND…where is the video before the arrest??? if a CHILD is told to remove their body from the room then they should obey…this is not the Deputys Gault not the child…it is the parents of this child.
    I'm just sayin'…

  8. The video says uncut but it is cut because nobody sees what happened ahead of time before the officer slams that student. Although the officer did use excessive force. It was definitely uncalled for. obviously he has some kind of mental incapacity or anger issue. But people need to learn that the police have issues and that when there and you're asked to do something that would be better in your interest to do as directed. We are living in a police state! Parents teach your children to just do what is asked to avoid being beaten Unless it is something immoral or illicit. Its a sad truth we the people have to be in fear of those empowered to protect us! The officer is a power lifter. I wonder he is using steroids. He did get very angry fairly quickly. Also he must be at least 100 pounds heavier than her. She was sitting at a desk. Obviously not a threat at all to him. His actions are appalling to say the least!

  9. Wow a man of that strength could have permanently disabled a young girl like that. She is lucky if she came out of that without any broken limbs. I'm sure she is traumatized for life though.

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