Vermont to legalize assisted suicide – 844-292-1318 Vermont legal aid

Vermont is on its way to become the third state in the nation to allow doctor-assisted suicide after its legislature passed a bill which permits doctors to write prescriptions of lethal drugs for fatally ill patients. RT’s Margaret Howell has the details.

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21 thoughts on “Vermont to legalize assisted suicide – 844-292-1318 Vermont legal aid”

  1. The term for intentional killing is murder. The term for accidental killing is manslaughter. The term for self-killing is suicide. Murder and manslaughter are against the law. Suicide is not against the law. However, it is against the law to aid someone to commit suicide.

  2. i never said i was against assistid suicide i think noone should have to suffer if they want help leaving this world give it to them what i am saying is it can be abused and it probably will be

  3. I live in India and I am happy to hear this news about Vermont. My life, I will end it whenever I want, simple. Fuck these religious right wingers who wanna control your right to dignified death.

  4. You live once. Unless you can be reincarnated on a conformational whim, why should I agree with this?

    Shooting yourself in the face, or wanting to usually leads to a Baker Act.

  5. In most states it has never been illegal to kill yourself.

    During the past 50 years, only 6 states have had laws against attempted suicide and even most of those laws did not have any designated punishment for the crime.

    This law is not about allowing you to kill yourself. This is about enabling someone else to kill you.

  6. Oregon was the first state to pass this kind of legislation about 16 years ago.

    Now current Oregon state law mandates that Oregon's state run healthcare will not provide any treatment for anyone diagnosed with less than 5 years to live, but they will provide painkillers and assisted suicide.


  7. I don't think most people realize what this is really about. This will eventually be legalized nationwide as the next step in government-run health care. Soon enough this will be allowed to lessen the financial burden on people's families, and then ultimately to lessen the burden on the federal budget.

  8. What people terminally ill dont understand is that there is hope for them.
    they believe their life is over from the diagnosis. In my opinion you die when you're supposed to die. Fate. If you kill yourself i dont think you;re going to go to the same place as others who accept their fate and live for as long as they can. You being born into the world by a power that no one can understand cannot rightfully be killed by your own power. And if so happens
    simply put you go to hell

  9. We have no right to stop you.
    however it wouldnt be us dying it would be you.
    how do you think you're family would feel to know that one of their own killed themselves? To know that not even they could save you from yourself.
    The burden a suicider puts on their family is unimagineable. In Many ways the family of the suicide victim suffer more than the suicide victim suffer themselves Because they as a family felt it was their responsibility to make you the type of person who WANTS TO LIVE.

  10. wow this is the 2nd time i've seen your comment, typed the exact same way on the exact same video. You must really have a strong believe that assisted-suicide is in some way "right"
    Have you assissted someone in killing themselves? because you seem to strongly believe that it is okay to help someone kill themselves even though they have a family and other options other than to just give up. If you ask me

    Suicide is not a "way out"
    just another way of giving up because you're too weak.

  11. I just hope the way things are going it doesn't become compulsory ! I agree with ending a life with dignity, but im worried what this will lead too. Especially with the way governments in America & UK are waging war on the poor & be very dubious about the timing and reasoning for this bill, Especially At this particular time.
    remember Harold Shipman

  12. We're talking about people who want to die with some dignity, rather than rotting away until a vital organ fails. How can dignity be devaluing?
    Especially by those who hold life sacred, euthanasia should be regarded as right. Taking away people's right to decide about their own person is a form of slavery. Forcing people who wish to die to continue living, suffering in terminal agony, is torture. _That_ is devaluing life.

  13. monsanto is genocide not self assisted suicide so it all works out for the elite. that'll get way more than this

  14. Singapore should be in the title. Thanks for this video that is pertinent exclusively to Singapore. Most of your views are coming from people outside of Singapore with an interest in a pro-bono lawyer. FAIL. 

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